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5 Zara Dresses for Your Appointment of San Valentin

Input I confess that I do not believe in Valentine, It seems to me a stupidity of day, but social conventions are as well and before them each acts in its own way. Many organized a special appointment by reason of February 14 and others we enjoy with your partner as if were one day, that is what is at the end and after the. Continue reading

Summer Dresses Not Tea Will Be Overlooked

In summer (if it is that it comes at the end) one dares with everything and it is all possible and wearable. It is for this reason that we get our personality to the fore and not fear him (almost nothing). Why firms are rushing to launch printed dresses in shrill, flashy colors and flowered most. It is then when we put him and think ‘ ok, with him I will not pass unnoticed but I will be stylish for a while ‘. So dare yourself and passes of which say that most of the criticisms are pure jealousy self-destructive. Continue reading

Dresses for Pearl Party to East End of Year

The other day I spent in front of one of the most beautiful, thin and attractive evening dresses that I have seen in my life. Would I buy four things to El Corte Ingles supermarket and you know how it is that: until you do not get to the Department you want, you go through 20 different sections. In my case, I went through the haberdashery, ware home, female footwear and, finally, women’s fashion. There, of course, is where I saw the dress but, rush, I could not stop myself and I only had time to look at the brand: Pearl. Continue reading

Keira Knightley Returns to Be Miss Valentino

Valentino divas are a few among the actresses. We needed that Keira Knightley return with one of their looks because it is unique. It seems that the new Valentino they were made just for her. The new outfits confirm this hypothesis. It is easy to fall in love Keira Knightley and especially his style when choosing the best dresses. Attention that comes with desire. Continue reading

Five Dresses in Color Cake for a Sweet Fall

The pastel shades are still tendency for in autumn and winter of 2014 / 2015. The pastel colours are perfect for those that look for a trendy look and with romantic touches. Style sixties in pastel, as which they saw in the parade of Gucci, are our preferred to wear this season. Select models babydoll, with Peter Pan collars, structured, with details of glitters… for look a very sweet look… Continue reading

The Most Romantic and Delicate Dresses for Your Graduation

Graduation is one of the most important days of our lives, so it is important to take a good look. The graduation day will remain engraved in our memory, but also in videos and pictures. For girls who are looking for a style very delicate, romantic and some retro air, we recommend some dresses that you are going to feel like a real Princess. Continue reading

Dresses that You Give Away for Christmas

With the Christmas comes the time of gifts. Not everything will be eaten stupefying family, enduring the mother-in-law or laugh thanks to your boss. You have to see it from a positive point of view, with Christmas we can ask as a gift clothing and the possibility some of best dresses for the next spring-summer 2011. Continue reading

Armani Privé High Couture Spring/Summer

The world of the Haute Couture produces too much respect to me. More that a presentation of collections see it as another example of, in which designers are striving to show the unique innovations that just out of his mind and art are not shot by collections low cost that then they are assimilated both between it is hard to distinguish. Continue reading

More Style: Winter Long for Wedding Dresses

Returns the time of weddings and with it, dazzling designs that will get you to be the guest with more style. It seems that when we have a wedding in winter It is more complicated to find look. But increasingly, different firms are responsible for create proposals for party long sleeve or the winter shades of fashion. Today I will show looks for afternoon weddings, Thus the requirement is to go long. The lace, the details of glare, light designs that extol the body of the woman, precious necklines back or in the form of original details and heart… Mark this season trends. Continue reading

Dresses Que Te Haran Being the Queen of Graduation

In little more than one month it will be six years (six!) that I graduated in journalism. The years go flying, but I remember the weeks before looking for the perfect dress for the occasion Since, as always, was the last of my class to have the outfit. It was clear several things: wanted something simple, short and not very expensive, but I wanted to avoid closer to Zara or Mango for the occasion. A model ended up finding Greek style in beige tones that saved me the trouble already day today I still wear it for baptisms and communions. The fact is that today I want to have the same memory I that day came to be so much fun, so I propose models that do not exceed the 100 euros (or a tad more)… do you accept? Continue reading

Party Dresses for the Knee to Look at Christmas

And we continue with more proposals to look this Christmas. Prom dresses flattering, stylish and elegant that proposes the signing Barbarella, a brand that did not know, but that I was surprised by the originality of their proposals. Young and very feminine fashion, which began in the year 2004 from the hand of its two creators, Barbara and Africa peace. Continue reading

Abigail LöRick, the Designer of the Gossip Girl Dresses

The majority of followers of Gossip Girl you may have wondered a lot of times who is hiding behind Eleanor Waldorf dresses, as well, it is not any designer of prestige, but a young creator, born in Florida, but based in the Big Apple since the 18, name Abigail Lörick, profession designer with field based on the East Side, former model (is gorgeous, the middle in photo) and I am sure that will give much to talk about. Continue reading

3 Little Black Dresses, 3 Different Styles

Each have a personal crusade on style issues. Mine is against basic black dresses at parties the lack of risk and the desire to convert all in mourning. Personal hobbies. Then I see looks like Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba and Lily Aldridge and things change. Not all the little black dresses are the same, it is clear. These are the test three dresses with three different styles. What do you prefer? Continue reading

Mango Party Long for Dresses Look at Christmas

Although we had already seen several proposals, Mango It has launched a special edition of long party dresses in bright, eye-catching colors. Designs I see more appropriate for a wedding that for new year’s Eve, but if you want to get out of the red and black, classic certainly are a very good choice to give a touch of color to the winter cold. Continue reading

Best Dresses for This Spring Summer

An of the ideal clothing for spring summer dresses are. They are very feminine, flattering, and really comfortable to wear. This season the catwalks suggest infinite possibilities, and today we bring you the most attractive, that we hope that you like so much like me. Safe to give you an idea for the social commitments of the season: weddings, christenings, etc.. Continue reading