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By What The World of The Fashion Supports a Hillary Clinton (Though Not like His Eternal Suit)?

If you have an Anna Wintour convinced then you have (almost) all of the fish sold at least as far as the world of fashion terms, and that is something that Hillary Clinton knows well. The favorite Democrat candidate to the Presidency of the United States has large support among famous designers, actors and fashion editors, but what is it that leads them from a lance in favor of Hillary Clinton? Continue reading

The Future of Fashion Is in Danger? This Is The Landscape That Designers Have

Even the largest began from below. The great names of fashion also had somewhat modest origins, until it reached its moment of glory. But, How is the start of the path which has to go through a young designer to be named? Is it easy to jump into the adventure of having your own brand? Do we treat well to these promising young? Continue reading

Pharrell Williams Is Passed to The World of Fashion at The Hands of G – Star

The musician Pharrell Williams He became famous thanks to the single “Happy” and as the producer of groups like Daft Punk. The musician is now in co-owner signature G-Star. Pharell is a lover declared of the fashion world, has in fact made collaborations with other firms such as Adidas. The musician will be part of mark across-the-Board creative, from the collections of fashion through signature campaigns. Continue reading

21. Interesting Work If Tea Want to Dedicate to Fashion

As Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Zara, “everyone wants to be one of us”. The works in the world of fashion they can be really envied but the truth is that most are not as glamorous as they seem, and involve work too many hours without charging too much. However, If you clear your vocation is fashion and you want to devote to it, look at these 21 professions related to fashion that can be designed for you. Continue reading

The Instagrammers of Fashion, Them Have Removed Them The Post to The Bloggers in 2015

Today fashion blogger now it is not. We live in a world where governs the law of the do minimum effort?, that’s why upload different photos to the blog next to an entry with several meaningless phrases, it is too much work. Now what is is hanging a picture on Instagram and charge lots of money for it. We already know that in function of the followers may have one can disburse astronomical figures that the majority of humans don’t see at end of month (after waking up early every morning). And is this 2015 the Instagrammers fashion they have ousted the bloggers. Continue reading

Gianfranco Ferré White Shirt Exhibition

The Textile museum some of the famous fashion designer creations, sketches, multimedia and more.

Can one show to remember all the work, project work and the works of a genius of Gianfranco Ferré caliber? Absolutely not, but the white shirt in my opinion. Gianfranco Ferre has nevertheless set itself the goal of treating, through a monographic exhibition, part of the immense production of the Milanese designer. A defined production even bulimic Rita Airaghi, Director of the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, founded in February 2008 to pass and let the world know the great contribution that Ferré has given not only to the Italian fashion, but at the international fashion system.

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How to Combine Your Boat Shoes?

The name of the boat shoes derived from the element of functionality in them. Originally, the boat shoes were made for the sailors of the ships and as a suggestion to the name due to its construction and material have been of great help for the sailors to keep his feet firm in the humidity of the cover. In recent times, in addition to the purpose to which serve, the boat shoes have become more than one staple of fashion ensuring a timeless appeal and no tendency. Continue reading

20 Practical Ways To Use Your Leather Jacket

The rage in the world of fashion by the leather jackets took off in the’ 80s, would who not dying by John Travolta with their T-Birds jacket in Vaseline?

The stereotype of the sexy man included, par excellence, a black leather jacket. But the women were not left behind: celebrities like Madonna and Drew Barrymore were faithful followers of this trend which became rule;There are few items that arrive to stay without an expiration date in the world of fashion and the leather jacket is undoubtedly one of them.

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The Male Models ‘Plus Size’ That Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

James Corden, Zack Miko and Kelvin Davis are some new references that lead change in the planet fashionista.

These men of ‘big size’, with thousands of followers on social networks, dare to conquer the catwalks and the media

James Corden, actor, comedian, conductor, considered a benchmark and chosen as the man most sexy plus size by 2016

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Personalized Men’s Shirts And Shirts: The Gentleman Returns

Among the great variety of shirts and personalized t-shirts on the market, there are some that are thought especially for the masculine gender.

These types of shirts are made following the basic criteria of fashion, but with aspirations of timelessness, since they are garments of great durability and we do not agree that they happen of fashion from one season to another.

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Kriss Moda Intima-Girl’s Pajamas

If you want to see how it was done and this photo session was made for Kriss Moda Intima in the contrapasada of Murcia, watch this video

Well welcome to a new article, this is a photo shoot for the trade Kriss Moda Intima in Alcantarilla, Murcia.

This photo shoot has a special touch, as we take the photos by riding a bed in the counterpart. For those who do not know the counterpart, it is an enclosure that is in new wild boar, a park full of trees where in good weather is full of families who go there to spend the day. I already did a report a few months ago there: photographs of Pay2 Moda Infantil.

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Cute Woman Pajama Sets: How To Choose The Best Pajamas For Women-Fashion

The Internet does wonders and completely change our shopping experience-that could be imagined in the past how easy that would be today to shop online, and have so many varieties ofbeautiful women Pajama Setsto choose from right at your fingertips.

You can find many styles and designs of women’s sleepwear that can be too overwhelming at times. Thus, you only need many excellent women sleepwear options for you to choose what you like the most. But often is the part most difficult eludes the process and is not only the price, colour, fabric or design-. All this is important-the hardest part is deciding what to do, since all these Pajamas for women are as well and it is possible that they want all!

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Summer Lingerie: Need What Underwear Now?

Or: 3 typical summer fashion problems and how you solve them elegantly with the right underwear *.

* With product placement – it offers over the summer? I love it, finally dig out the wonderfully airy summer clothes and wear brighter colors. But the summer also means that the fabric is thinner, the fabric layers of less and the covered area of the body is small. If you carry around a few pads with it like me, or the body is overall not quite so tight, the summer raises a few fashion questions. Since the reasoning “What should I wear including?” quickly becomes the ultimate style discipline. Because in the summer the right underwear is essential for a stylish appearance. Continue reading