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Development of the Shoe

Pumps, moccasins or platform sandals. There are now a variety of different shoe types for every taste, every weather and every occasion. But what shoes were worn 50 or even 500 years ago?And how did the idea of ​​wearing shoes actually come about?
The triumph of the shoes began quite early – probably about 14,000 years ago. At about this time, people began to wrap their skins in skins and skins. This served for practical reasons such as protection from cold, heat or stony subsoils. It is true that these footwear were not very similar to the shoes we know today, but the idea of ​​the shoe was born.

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How to Tell If Shoes are Good Quality

17.3 pairs of shoes the German woman has on average – in men it is with 8.2 pairs scarcely half as many. The frightening thing about it? According to a study by the German School of Shoes, 80 per cent of Germans do not fit their shoes. What may sound harmless in the first moment can lead to major health problems, such as pain and malaise.

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