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For Stylish Girls: Check Out Tips On Childish Looks Full of Personality

Small, thick-legged and fashionable in DNA: so Clara Pontalti is featured in Ursinha’s Tip, an Instagram profile recently created by Mom, Patrícia Pontalti, to showcase the looks of the two-and-a-half-year-old girl. Journalist specializing in the theme, partner of AsPatrícias-Fashion Intelligence and our columnist, she opened this virtual…
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New in: Leggings of Hue!

Leggings. I remember that time my 16-year-old self, Denim skirts, stripes legs and Chucks. What then, combines wonderfully with my self-concept, I have in retrospect a little smile. And exactly this belächelnden character seem tight-fitting trousers still have to, because that combination really…
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