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Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar And The Master-Stop Watch

Omega adds a selection of prestigious new models to the Globemaster Annual Calendar collection with a new size, a new movement and a new design. Each of the watches continues the revolution Master watch manufacturer and impose high quality standards in terms of precision and performance.

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Best Watches to Buy on Ebay

With the best thing about blogging is Yes, if you get positive feedback from his readers. Anyone can “Rumhaten” in the network and controls. To give praise and appreciation, seems to be much more difficult and rare. For example: “You’re doing a good job” or “The rubric is great!”. Actually that happened the other day-the “find Friday” meant. Reason enough, this little tradition bound to continue.

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Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

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Anyone who regularly reads Our site, knows that of Junghans watches are welcomed here. And for a simple reason: when it comes to retro-or watches in the vintage design, this traditional German watch manufacturer is really just about anything for several years. Various honors and awards show that I am not alone with this assessment. And even if not everyone can do something with the designs of solar and Junghans radio-controlled clock models, the retro models with the names max bill, master and Chronoscope move in terms of watch design on a pretty high and taste-safe level:

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Buy Vintage Watches on eBay

Today, there is still a little “Tip” in terms of in addition to the usual vintage recommendations new watches. Who dealt extensively with watches and reads much in forums, which a term this German watchmaker will very probably be (see cover photo). Everyone else can look forward to a small light bulb moment.

But in turn. If you don’t know the Find Friday-here along to the first output and some explanations.

And anyone who reads not like-well. Here it goes directly to the Watch tips: Find Friday (ebay affiliate link).

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