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Antique Jewelry: Gold And Pearls

Jewelry is known from ancient times and even the ancient Romans and Greeks used a variety of ornaments to look good.

All over the world there are many jewelry finds, dating back thousands of years and usually featuring figures of animals and birds.Later, the Greeks began making metal jewelry, using gold to create simple and strange shapes.

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Pearls: Eternal Tendency

From the depths of the blue sea through the crowns of monarchs and necklaces of our grandmothers to our cabinets, this gem is an eternal classic, a symbol of elegance and beauty throughout the seasons and times.

The pearls are an indispensable accessory for every woman, able to give a fashionista touch to any outfit that decides to use, either for the comfortable day to day or for a formal dinner Why not learn more of the history of this eternal companion who it never gets old-fashioned?

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