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The Male Models ‘Plus Size’ That Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

James Corden, Zack Miko and Kelvin Davis are some new references that lead change in the planet fashionista.

These men of ‘big size’, with thousands of followers on social networks, dare to conquer the catwalks and the media

James Corden, actor, comedian, conductor, considered a benchmark and chosen as the man most sexy plus size by 2016

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Bikinis and Swimwear Summer 2016

Hello girls!
Already here good weather and we begin to think in the summer, the pool… so today I bring every year the post of bikinis and swimwear 2016.
Although does not appear because it is still very early and there are many shops with posts bikinis, only we have to find the right, therefore I bring you the best of each store: Continue reading

SPFWN42: Find Out Everything You Will Be The Next Trend Seasons

After six days of parades that were divided between the armed in Ibirapuera Park space and locations throughout the city of São Paulo, the São Paulo Fashion Week met bets on what will be the next fashion seasons.

As in the previous edition, the SPFWN42 is no longer governed by station: there are brands that follow with the traditional calendar and showed what is tendency in winter, but there are also those who submit your collection Resort or high summer. Some brands have been further and chose to show their proposals without having any connection with the

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Criteria for the Selection of a Wool Jacket

Wool Coats Warm well and are still comfortable to wear even in the drizzle. A jacket made ​​of coated cotton or synthetics, I prefer the North Sea because of the salt content in the air, wool is then slightly greasy-clammy, and when it pours in Hamburg in streams, because then the coat takes a long time to dry. Where the mind nothing to him – but me. The purchase criterion is here thus: On the quality of the wool eighth and on the composition of the material. The softer the wool, the more sensitive is the jacket.The higher the wool content, the better it warms. The blue jacket is made ​​of 62% wool, 28% alpaca and 10% polyamide with Acetatfutter and has a bouclé surface. The composition and the voluminous surface he is very warm, because it is nestled by the soft bouclé wool in addition to very good. By lining it has wind from anyway. Continue reading

Godmother Plus Size

I was so anxious to do this post because it’s all very special! I will make several posts talking about marriage–I hold, by favor…rs-because I have several things to say and show and I didn’t want to put 30 pictures in one post, so I’m for themes! Here I will focus on the look, ok?

My cousin Eduardo, aka Dudu, married the sweet and beautiful Ellen and they invited me to be a bridesmaid. Dudu was born a few weeks after me and grew up together. I’m very proud of the wonderful man he has

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Discount Coupon Wish Fashion Plus Size

I can’t wait to get to October I spend a few days in my beloved land, who is Savior. Not only was born in Bahia because my heart is Bahia for sure. I’m eager to go to Blogging, meet new people at the event and share my experiences and, of course, review my friends and enjoy other beaches. Thinking about it, I made sets bought a new bikini to see if I take courage and do some photos on the beach to inspire you and then I remembered I

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Look: Tie Dye Shirt + Leather Skirt

I am always happy when I see nice people with vision and heart, betting on the plus size segment. I recently had the opportunity to meet the owner of a new store to the public plus size, the Scarlets. The project was designed with a lot of love for a mother and daughter who know well what it’s like to want to dress well and find nice clothes and quality. The proposal from the Scarlets is to offer fashion that you represent and you wear on a daily basis with comfort, quality and fashion information. What I loved is that the clothes are differentiated and they work with brands

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Women’s Blouse with Apple Print

Delicious blouse in an absolutely stunning photo prints with red apples and green leaves in super nice bright colors. A special blouse from the Danish Ciliane, where there is an emphasis on design and quality.

It has been addressed in a really delicious organic cotton quality with a bit of stretch. The blouse has short sleeves and a very fine Feast your eyes on a V-neckline. It is slightly form-fitting without being too tight.

This is a super nice and very special blouse that guaranteed to arouse attention. Use it for a classic black skirt or go all in with a nice Ciliane skirt in either lime or orange.

Wholesale website: http://www.wholesaleably.com/online/womens-shirts-and-blouses/

Size    50    52    54    56
Length    68    68    69    70
Breast    114    120    128    132
Hip    126    130    140    144

All measurements are in cm.

Women's Blouse with Apple Print

Casual Jackets for Big and Tall Ladies

Are you looking for a plus size jacket for spring or autumn? On hoticle, you will find sporty casual jackets for ladies in different models and sizes. The jackets are specifically designed to be light and airy, which can protect you from the bad weather. The jackets are mostly made of materials that do not have quite the same amount of lining as a winter jacket. Typically they will also be made of materials that are water-repellent, which is really good as it is in the transition periods. Many models are available with caps that are just good for the weather. Sleeves are often used by velcro or elastic, which can help prevent cold air. There are many advantages with sporty transitional jackets for ladies and here you will find a wide range of products.

Women's Down Jacket

Plus size jackets for ladies to different seasons

In the range of sporty casual jackets for ladies you will find a great variety of models and colors, giving you the opportunity to find a jacket that fits perfectly to your needs and your style. These jackets are available in models from various manufacturers and brands. For example, you can find a good selection of The North Face and Adidas Performance, but because our range is constantly changing, we will also be able to offer different brands, depending on the season. You will find the items both for figure-sewn and more casual models that also can vary in length. In addition to this selection, you can also find rubber boots, scarves and other products here.

Plus Size Black Underwired Bra With Beautiful Lace And Extra Support

Hoticle is an elegant, extra supportive and comfortable bra in big sizes.
It is designed specifically for the large and rich bosom.

The bra has a an extra spacious convolution. The bowl is 3 shared and with extra support in the sides which helps Center the barmen.

The sides and the back is extra reinforced with double layers and gives good support.
The straps are wide and padded so that they protects the shoulders and increases comfort.

Hoticle is also very pretty and feminine. It is produced in soft microfiber and a very beautiful and exclusive two-colored lace. A bra is both lovely to wear and beautiful to look at. It, of course, is also available in white.

Plus Size Black Underwired Bra


Black Lace Bra Without Underwire

Very comfortable and soft bra in big sizes.

This bra is without hangers and suits well for you who want a good and comfortable bra.
It is also suitable for you who have a wide bosom, where hoops well may feel annoying.
Although this bra without Underwire so give it anyway is good support and hold the breast area.

Black Lace Bra Without Underwire

It is made of soft, stretchy microfiber through wholesaleably and features a pretty stretchy lace throughout the bowl.
It is very comfortable with wide shoulder straps are lined with soft cotton.
Just like the actual Bowl also is lined with soft cotton.
The bowl has a soft elastic at the top to keep it in place.

This lovely model, of course, also available in white

Plus Size T-Shirt in Green With Imitation Stones And Elastic Edge

Nice t-shirt in the beautiful pale green color.

T-shirt sits really well. It has a classical shape with elastic edge hoticle both in the neckline and at the bottom of the blouse.

Plus Size T-Shirt in Green With Imitation Stones And Elastic Edge

The sleeves are short raglan sleeves and the great falls over the shoulders. The sleeves are short and has great range. Therefore, they are very spacious and comfortable to wear.

On front piece t-shirt POSITIVE VIBES has written with grey shiny imitation stones in different sizes.

How to Wear Harem Pants for Plus Size

If you are tired of jeans, you can instead buy a pair of harem pants instead. Most tall men usually buy one pair of pants after another, and it can be a good idea to have a little different to choose from. In the picture you see a couple of hoticle cotton pants, which costs $21.

How to Wear Harem Pants for Plus Size

With a couple of such pants, you can be fashionable and look a little more cool looking. The last few years it has been incredibly popular. and it’s not been less popular with the hipster wave.

Hipster wave is a little funny, because it is not often that someone wants to say that they’re hipster, and there are many who at least know that they are not hipstere.

If you are one of those who are afraid that people will think that you are a hipster so don’t worry. Today, anyone can go with chinos, because they have become so popular.

In fact, should all have a few in their wardrobe. Just so you have something different to choose from. Of course, it’s alright if you don’t just think Capri pant is something for you, but there are plenty of other options. So it’s no excuse for not owning a pair of pants. I can at least see no reason for it.

Capri sweatpants fit well for most even for plus size men, just because they are very neutral. So if you’re into a bit more wild colors, so you can safely buy it. If you would rather have some other pants, you might want to look here.

Hurry to acquire a few. You will not regret it.