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How to Match The Denim Shirt: All Outfits Ideas

It is important to know how to match the denim shirt and to do that we must have clear all of outfit ideas that we can achieve. This piece of clothing is definitely an evergreen timeless and you need to find your perfect look to look glamorous, sophisticated and impeccable in every single occasion. Anyone who’s in the closet a denim shirt, can not help but to wear it, and those who still do not have it, do not wait to buy it. So, we do not waste any more time and find all the outfit ideas to understand how to match the denim shirt with style.

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Tips For Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt in Summer

This last month has been a true madness, the blog and social networking them have had to leave a bit of side because as we discussed in the previous publication we have opened our first physical store in Sabadell and clear, it is not a simple task, take orders online, continue seeing as always and as they deserve all our customers so that they receive their orders and add to that all the complications that have open a store in Spain and all off promote all that, it’s not easy. Continue reading

Ask For Joker: Three Different Ways To Wear Black Jeans

Everyone has, ever had or will still have a black jeans in the closet, right? The dark wash variation of “our everyday jeans” is already a classic of contemporary clothing. And this status is more than deserved! Besides being a basic joker, comfortable for day to day, this pant does wonders for the silhouette and dresses well all the biotypes and styles. Doubt? From the stripped down cool to the chic minimalist, let’s teach you three different ways to wear the black jeans.

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Fall Winter 2016 Jeans

When it comes to jeans is good to see all the trends to follow and also next season autumn/winter 2016-2017 there are must haves that we suggest you not to miss. The world’s most popular pants, used by every woman, chose in his usual blue variant, but also in other colors, especially black, back to keep us company during the colder months of the year. There are designers who made couture creations, enriched by decorations, embroidery, jewelry and other details, and there are also other maison viewing silhouette more decisive or larger to dress their customers. What are the hottest ones? In our article we reveal all jeans fall/winter trends 2016-2017. Continue reading

What does Dress Code Jacket Mean

It’s time to crack the code…

It has landed an invitation to your brother’s wedding, a gala or just a flashy party. At the invitation reads: Dress Code Jacket.
With the invitation in your left hand and your smartphone in the right searching frantically for answers to what the dress code does.
Obsi end up in the top … You click and boom! Joke and side, let us crack this jacket with dress code once and for all.

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How to Wear Leggings at Work

Have of the leggings to the travailvoce you need to know a few tricks to make your clothes are suitable for the work. Leggings e pe & bathroom; essential clothing in the female armario, is re pretty cool and versatei. It can be used with standard leggings’n or smooth, all under the type of work we do and the fun and the bathrooms; the which we operate. Know umComocomment use the travailelegant and discreet leggings. Continue reading

How To Wear The Shirt With a Bow

It’s called pussy bow and is already a must have. This is the shirt with a bow from the retro feel, so classic that, in the era of genderless, the house did not resist (beginning with Gucci) and have also proposed for release in man. It is an elegant piece that lends itself to more or less casual declinations . The classic version is made of silk and the palette has no limits, from the classic black and white to the colors of the season.

Casual By Day

The pussy bow blouse lends itself to look so much daily since evening. The difference lies in the combination and choice of accessories. For an outfit by day sophisticated yet easy to choose the shirt in the classic version in plain wearing of skinny jeans. For the office will be a perfect lace-low total black. And the coats? You can break up the look with a hint of sporty wearing a parka or slip on a bon ton style with the timeless coats.

Chic By Night

The soft line and silk make it a perfect garment for the soirée. From a romantic dinner to a cocktail party, the pussy bow consists minimal and chic look. Some examples? Beautiful total black version along with a high-waisted Pencil or masculine-cut trousers to wear, strictly, with stilettos. If the evening is trendy but easy you can dare a mini-skirt second skin and break up the look with a long cardigan to wear open.

Collegial Style

It is a style sensual that does not take itself too seriously . The pussy bow is perfect for a mood schoolgirl who plays the femme fatale. Shirt with a bow moves, then, with the pleated skirt in classic Scottish. Complete the look Parisian flow of ultra-opaque tights and lace-ups by British flavor.

Doll Etiquette

It is simple, elegant, sophisticated but without frills: The pussy bow is a must have in the wardrobe of the passionate coops bambolona. Shirt with a bow, in fact, combines perfectly with skirts and ballet flats. But be careful: when you bring together leaders from different volumes is good to take into account the proportions. The shirt has a line of a blouse so better take it with slim skirts. If you really can not give up the gore, at least you prefer the more rigid fabrics. The length is also important: no half measures, yes to longuette sixties or mini

Fabric Question

The total look is no longer a long time. And not only in the colors. While styles and fabrics, now, blend and merge, and thus, the same look, we find rock inspirations along with exquisitely ladylike garments. Because shirt is fantasy and the only guideline must be the good taste. Then, the silk pussy bow lends itself to a series of all standard combinations: yes to jeans, the velvet, the crepe. Yes also to more strong combinations with jackets bouclé wool or vest in faux fur. Moreover, when a leader must have already become a classic and the classic looks good on all (or almost)!

Think Pink: Three Ways To Increase The Tone In Their Production Sets

How would the imaginary fashion editor of the film Cinderella in Paris (1957): “think pink”. The nursery to 15 years, that tone represents the conventional feminine, so much so that many times, people say no to him, even transgression, breaking with the traditional. But we might have to have a little more affection for rose, who has no guilt whatsoever of turning old-fashioned femininity symbol. Poor thing!

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Berlin Fashion Week 2016 Street Style

The winter 2016 is almost over and the designers have already finished the fashion for next winter. At the Berlin fashion week collection was presented mid-January autumn/winter 2016. We introduce you to the hottest trends from Berlin. What is the trend? Which piece of clothing should be missed in any closet? And with what colours I a trend-setter?

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Lurex Dress: Learn How To Recycle The Piece This Summer

One of the striking trends of approaching summer is not a play or a style, but rather a raw: lurex, shiny tissue that translates glamour immediately.

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The lurex arises in tops, skirts, trousers, dresses, jackets or details, always resulting in sophistication. However, the interesting thing to adopt the fabric is combine it the less conventional Visual, that is, the more deprived parts, creating a contrast that has the taste of now. Want to see?! We chose a dress to propose more casual combinations. Bet!

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Light Jackets for Summer

Summer is coming: it justified for many looking for the least effort, namely the shirt / jeans (or shorts) / basketball. Still, unless he does really hot, there is really original things to do if we try hard enough.

For me, the first thing that will differentiate you more easily in spring and summer, this is the jacket. Elegant and easy to wear, it leaves more freedom than we think and integrates with many different outfits. With this guide, if you only need one piece, you should save a man makeover.

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How To Match The Denim Shirt

The shirt jeans is one of those leaders timeless and ever green that can not miss in the closet of a woman.
The “neutrality” of the denim shirt is ideal for clothing in layers and create looks for every season of the year.

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How to Buy a Summer Jacket

You have the choice: it can be either the lining of your jacket, the inside of your shirt, or the sleeve of a cardigan.

In this outfit there is a contrast of color and interesting style made from two spring / summer basics: the denim shirt and the light gray jacket. A cohabitation really well linked by a light brown light belt that balances well the tones. Continue reading

Types of Jacket Styles

What style to privilege?

Once the quality indicators are selected, let’s see what types of leather jackets can suit your style.

The perfecto

The perfecto was created in 1928 by Irving Schott to dress Long Island bikers on their Harley Davidson. Schott becomes a reference mark for the leather jacket, and its flagship model is still, 84 years later, the perfecto. Continue reading

Comme Des Garcons Shirt

Comme des Garcons took part in the fifth day of Paris Fashion Week, with its pret a porter collection for next autumn-winter 2012/2013. It’s a really intense Saturday, with many fashion presentations made by many fashion brands intent on offering the most glamorous trend that will fill our wardrobe when the next cold season. How will never be the woman proposed by Comme des Garcons with cheap mens shirts shop? You tell us: definitely will not go unnoticed!

If these days in stores will come the 2012 spring/summer fashion collection by Comme Des Garcons, here in this Saturday’s parades on Japanese fashion brand presents clothing line for next autumn-winter 2012/2013. During the fashion shows Paris ready-to-wear, the fashion brand has proposed to us a series of very special creations, with accessories and surreal garments, where the dominant colors, psychedelics, and materials in the first place the felt. Continue reading