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The Instagrammers of Fashion, Them Have Removed Them The Post to The Bloggers in 2015

Today fashion blogger now it is not. We live in a world where governs the law of the do minimum effort?, that’s why upload different photos to the blog next to an entry with several meaningless phrases, it is too much work. Now what is is hanging a picture on Instagram and charge lots of money for it. We already know that in function of the followers may have one can disburse astronomical figures that the majority of humans don’t see at end of month (after waking up early every morning). And is this 2015 the Instagrammers fashion they have ousted the bloggers. Continue reading

How to Organize Your Closet

If you are lucky enough to have a large closet, congratulations! You have enough space is the dream of all of us, women. But the day that up to you ends you space comes: If someone comes to your room immediately close your closet, because it embarrasses you it messed up that is. All clothing or accessories new purchases guards it there and suddenly one day already could not even close a door.

You not give more turns to the topic and start to organize the closet or wardrobe. That is something that we always leave then, but it arrives the day that already not you can postpone it. Then I give you some very simple tips so that you learn to organize your closet, so you don’t see them and feel free for the world to share it with your friends.

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Nude: How To Dress One of The Colors More Social Network Babes Pinterest

Based on ideas shared by more than 150 million monthly users, Pinterest recently launched Pinterest 100, a list of the 100 greatest trends for this year. The social network has analysed data from 2016 to identify the main bets to 2017 in 10 different categories–among them, fashion, of course.

Nothing really new if outlined in regard to style, since compilation was made from the perspective of the most different users and not only trendsetters, but between the stakes, one of them crush on our heart: the nude.

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Remember The Fashion Trends That Took in 2016

Enter year, year out, and not for fashion! Every season, the catwalks dictate what you would see in the Windows and on the streets in the coming months. In 2016, was no different: we saw the heels and thin lose room for the comfort of the metallized flatforms turn and hit the bomber jackets fall once in taste of Brazil.


At first glance, the platform shoes caused a certain estrangement in the majority. But soon the comfort spoke louder and the fashionistas

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What does Dress Code Jacket Mean

It’s time to crack the code…

It has landed an invitation to your brother’s wedding, a gala or just a flashy party. At the invitation reads: Dress Code Jacket.
With the invitation in your left hand and your smartphone in the right searching frantically for answers to what the dress code does.
Obsi end up in the top … You click and boom! Joke and side, let us crack this jacket with dress code once and for all.

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New Brand Shoes for Cheap

Tadaa, the Mannheim label footwear Mannheim is now in the online shop. The young company has designed a shoe collection for men. The first ten models can be purchased already. Casual masculine look, expressive, innovative forms – this is the handwriting of footwear Mannheim. These shoes are designed for men who define themselves not about age, but about style. There are just men’s shoes with character: handmade, masculine casual, always on the move. They exude passion, spirit, success. Anyone dressed stylishly, can complete his outfit with trendy shoes from footwear Mannheim and give impression during leisure time, as well as in the business. Most of the men’s shoes are kept in the Budapest style and are available in black, blue and brown leather or black lacquer. Thus, a part of them have the following characteristics:

-made with a broad, relatively straight bars

-high and relatively broad rounded tip

-Double-stitched construction

-Double sole

-Leather sole

-Derby style with heel cap


-Perforations ornament

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