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Carolina Herrera Party Dresses on New Year’s Eve

If you don’t still have dresses to show off 31, at Tredencias we show you some breaking. We help you create your image to close the 2008 as required in this special occasion. And so we propose wonderful dress of Carolina Herrera. Designs stylish, elegant and very glamorous to let you in right place there where you have thought to have fun. Continue reading

Dream Dresses for Spring at Asos

The spring and summer I love because it is very comfortable to wear. You put on a dress and go already ready. Where most enjoy looking for and viewing dresses is in the Asos website. It has a lot of different models shapes, sizes, colors and styles to choose from. You just always chopping something. I have made a selection of dresses from Asos that I like for spring and I’ve already chosen my favorite. Your loved ones what are? Continue reading

Long Party Dresses Mango Fall: Economic Glamour

After a ride by Mango, as all you know is one of my favorite stores, my big question is where are the sales? A single coat hanger dresses and other t-shirts are all discounted items that I could find, and that we never got to the first half of July. That Yes, the sign of “new collection” is now available in all stores. A reflection that I wanted to share with all of you because I think it is outrageous. Continue reading

Fall Winter 2016 Jeans

When it comes to jeans is good to see all the trends to follow and also next season autumn/winter 2016-2017 there are must haves that we suggest you not to miss. The world’s most popular pants, used by every woman, chose in his usual blue variant, but also in other colors, especially black, back to keep us company during the colder months of the year. There are designers who made couture creations, enriched by decorations, embroidery, jewelry and other details, and there are also other maison viewing silhouette more decisive or larger to dress their customers. What are the hottest ones? In our article we reveal all jeans fall/winter trends 2016-2017. Continue reading

How To Use: Ruffle Skirt, Heat Refreshment

You already know that ruffles are one of the most coveted effects this summer, is not it? Decorate skirts, tops, dresses, pants, accessories, anyway, everything! Donna Magazine this weekend brought an editorial on the trend, by the way. For those who want to invest, a good request is the skirt with three layers of frills in shirt fabric. It wears with singular elegance different silhouettes for not widening the proportions due to the excellent trim of the cloth, therefore, it is a very democratic model.

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How To Wear The Shirt With a Bow

It’s called pussy bow and is already a must have. This is the shirt with a bow from the retro feel, so classic that, in the era of genderless, the house did not resist (beginning with Gucci) and have also proposed for release in man. It is an elegant piece that lends itself to more or less casual declinations . The classic version is made of silk and the palette has no limits, from the classic black and white to the colors of the season.

Casual By Day

The pussy bow blouse lends itself to look so much daily since evening. The difference lies in the combination and choice of accessories. For an outfit by day sophisticated yet easy to choose the shirt in the classic version in plain wearing of skinny jeans. For the office will be a perfect lace-low total black. And the coats? You can break up the look with a hint of sporty wearing a parka or slip on a bon ton style with the timeless coats.

Chic By Night

The soft line and silk make it a perfect garment for the soirée. From a romantic dinner to a cocktail party, the pussy bow consists minimal and chic look. Some examples? Beautiful total black version along with a high-waisted Pencil or masculine-cut trousers to wear, strictly, with stilettos. If the evening is trendy but easy you can dare a mini-skirt second skin and break up the look with a long cardigan to wear open.

Collegial Style

It is a style sensual that does not take itself too seriously . The pussy bow is perfect for a mood schoolgirl who plays the femme fatale. Shirt with a bow moves, then, with the pleated skirt in classic Scottish. Complete the look Parisian flow of ultra-opaque tights and lace-ups by British flavor.

Doll Etiquette

It is simple, elegant, sophisticated but without frills: The pussy bow is a must have in the wardrobe of the passionate coops bambolona. Shirt with a bow, in fact, combines perfectly with skirts and ballet flats. But be careful: when you bring together leaders from different volumes is good to take into account the proportions. The shirt has a line of a blouse so better take it with slim skirts. If you really can not give up the gore, at least you prefer the more rigid fabrics. The length is also important: no half measures, yes to longuette sixties or mini

Fabric Question

The total look is no longer a long time. And not only in the colors. While styles and fabrics, now, blend and merge, and thus, the same look, we find rock inspirations along with exquisitely ladylike garments. Because shirt is fantasy and the only guideline must be the good taste. Then, the silk pussy bow lends itself to a series of all standard combinations: yes to jeans, the velvet, the crepe. Yes also to more strong combinations with jackets bouclé wool or vest in faux fur. Moreover, when a leader must have already become a classic and the classic looks good on all (or almost)!

Think Pink: Three Ways To Increase The Tone In Their Production Sets

How would the imaginary fashion editor of the film Cinderella in Paris (1957): “think pink”. The nursery to 15 years, that tone represents the conventional feminine, so much so that many times, people say no to him, even transgression, breaking with the traditional. But we might have to have a little more affection for rose, who has no guilt whatsoever of turning old-fashioned femininity symbol. Poor thing!

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Denim Skirt with Buttons

One of the trends this summer 2015 is the denim skirt with buttons, spokesman for the iconic 70 ‘s fashion look. The women of time they could absolutely live without the most basic models, and these have always been marked by a row of Staples placed front and Center in the area. Instead today we see especially the zip, or even rubber bands, but the buttons on the skirt give a different touch and especially to your garment. So the right question to ask now is: what are the most beautiful denim skirts with buttons of summer 2015? Continue reading

Minas Trend

And in the State capital fashion week continues! In the second (and final) day of parades of the 19th edition of the Minas Trend Preview, crossed the catwalk brands such as Lucas Magalhães and Ellus, besides the rookies Modem and Doiselles. As special guest of Ellus, who paraded around here was Miss Brazil 2016 newly elected, Raíssa Santana.

The Baroque cool Luke Magalhães

Nothing more conducive to start the second day of fashion shows here. The stylist Lucas miner Magellan went to get there, in the memories of your childhood in Itabira, the inspiration for your winter 2017. Goes beyond: apart from references to traditional elements, such as the

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Look: Tie Dye Shirt + Leather Skirt

I am always happy when I see nice people with vision and heart, betting on the plus size segment. I recently had the opportunity to meet the owner of a new store to the public plus size, the Scarlets. The project was designed with a lot of love for a mother and daughter who know well what it’s like to want to dress well and find nice clothes and quality. The proposal from the Scarlets is to offer fashion that you represent and you wear on a daily basis with comfort, quality and fashion information. What I loved is that the clothes are differentiated and they work with brands

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Three Fashion Promises Made In Rs Worth Knowing


Provocative, but without losing the delicacy. So can be defined the Harm, trademark launched by visual artist Marina Borges, 23 years, beginning in 2016. Hand-made accessories like chokers go far beyond gender division.

It all began when a student from UFRGS went on to create, for their own use, their first models of harness, accessory attached to the body that involves neck trunk, arms and even legs. With his bare hands and a good dose of creativity, recreated to you all via the internet.

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The Work To Look Cool

Always have a piece that stands out as a favorite of the season. From what we have seen in the summer collections, the one of time’s body, also called Leotard. The body is the cropped summer 2016/2017. If it packs in several trends, the lively tropicalismo which color to sophisticated ballerina inspiration station, passing by, by the seventies naturalism and even by the glitter of the same period disk. The lurex to suplex, the body is in all, including looks elegant and well contemporaries as our trio of suggestions to inspire you to use the piece of a very nice way and less traditional.

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How To Match The Denim Shirt

The shirt jeans is one of those leaders timeless and ever green that can not miss in the closet of a woman.
The “neutrality” of the denim shirt is ideal for clothing in layers and create looks for every season of the year.

Also it goes perfectly with almost all kinds of fabrics: from the chamois to the skin; from wool to silk … Continue reading

Summer Skirts Womens Fashion

Summer skirts caught not only bright colors, but style: Today fashion democratic, and not taking advantage of it is simply impossible, because now it can be put as close mines and the beautiful maxi: even difficult to imagine first glance, how many different images can be achieved by wearing such a fashion this summer, something like sex.

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Faux Leather Skirts

The faux leather skirts are the new trendy Autumn / Winter 2014-2015 that is dominating all the fashion collections, short models, long, sheath or wheel to suit all tastes and for all needs. In the field of the leaders in faux leather move especially the brand low cost, they can label each year to realize very glamorous items yet keeping their prices very competitive. Let’s find out what are the most beautiful faux leather skirts of the season.

The faux leather skirts are edgy and modern leaders who this season have found a place in a little ‘all proposals, especially those dedicated to young fashion. In the autumn-winter collection 2014-2015 Topshop clothing (visit http://www.youremailverifier.com/217.html) will advance very intriguing sheath dresses, skirts that reach the knee in the classic black, but also equally seductive short versions.

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Maternity Skirt with Graphical Pattern in Black and White

Smart skirt of off-white with black graphic print for pregant women.
It is produced by bestaah in delicious stretch quality and has good wide elastic waistband at the back and fixed the waistband at the front.

Maternity Skirt with Graphical Pattern in Black and White
It has side pockets and closes with zipper on the right side.
The skirt has a refined “cheat” effect on the left side, where it looks as if it’s a hit on the skirt, which is closed with black buttons.
The skirt is of course stitched together here, so don’t worry, no risk to your thighs peeking out.