How to Repair Sunglasses

Introduction The Sunglasses: an invention created specifically to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, and overexposure to sunlight. However, the sunglasses in recent times, and their purpose was passed, making the use of these a matter of fashion. In fact, especially among young people, you are literally competing to see who has the model most […]


Hokana Sunglasses, California Essence

Meet The Hokana Glasses Today we present a new brand of sunglasses that transports us to the Californian desert. This is Hokana Sunglasses. But what have these sunglasses that do not have the rest? If something defines them is that Hokana Sunglasses is sun & fun!


Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Angeles Madrid-also known on his blog as “Angels and Daughters”-has made a personal selection of sunglasses for this season. Although it has cost him to decide because he considers himself a passionate of this indisputable complement, has opted in this occasion by the Italian firm Dolce & Gabbana and by […]


Protect Yourself From The Sun

Summer is here, and the first thing that comes to mind is “Sun, beach, sand,…”, but would protect it enough our skin? In this post we will review many of the factors that many know at the time of exposure to the Sun. Sunlight provides us with many positive effects: stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D, promotes […]


As The Street Wear Comes Influencing Everything We See On The Catwalks

One of the strongest trends in this edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week-that presented collections of immediate desire and no longer to the future station – is a reflection of what’s going on in various parts of the world: a flirtation between the street fashion and the catwalk, a mix between comfort and glamour, […]


Retro Gifts Suggestions For Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s day is coming, and with it, the question of what to buy for your baby. If so how do you, he or she loves retro, select products from the market place Vintage Chest, which are pure style and will facilitate your life at the time of choosing the perfect gift.


Sunglasses Ray Ban 2014

Among the many innovations in the spring-summer collection 2014 Ray Ban, stand out the most classic models, such as the Aviator and drop lenses. It is not summer if we do not wear a pair of sunglasses. In addition to being essential, it is the most fashionable accessory of summer, suitable to beautify our looks, especially with […]


Miu Miu Raisor Sunglasses

Raisor Sunglasses, the new capsule collection of sunglasses for spring / summer 2013 Miu Miu. Not the usual glasses. What is a capsule collection? Since many designers have decided to create collections of parallel to the official and go on the catwalk, our readers there will always demand more, today I will try to explain it in […]


Sunglasses for Summer 2014

The sunglasses are the must-have accessory par excellence in both winter and summer. A special accessory, which some consider only functional to protect the eyes from sunlight while the majority considers it a real habit to use even in the absence of the sun to give a tone and an ‘air of mystery. For this 2014 summer […]


Fashion Accessories for Women Review

Selection of Accessories Without this magic word would probably be no woman. Whether shoes, belts, jewelry, each outfit sunglasses or towels – without these accessories may be boring. These accessories change according to the season: In winter hats, scarves and gloves are the most popular accessories, in the spring and summer, however, sunglasses and bikinis […]