Retro Style Mens Watches Buying Guide

Most men with an interest in fashion, design and the personal style has a penchant for watches that are synonymous with a vintage design and great quality. Why is the fashion industry enriched with a multitude of brands that have a unique ability to design watches that appeal to trendsetters around the world.

Vintage Clothes

Vintage Clothes

What’s Vintage Fashion? As Vintage Fashion besides garments and vintage (vintage cars), old furniture and musical instruments are called. A distinction “in old” cope trimmed pieces between models of old epochs and. This may be, for. Example, clothes from the period 1930-1970. Vintage fashion thus includes many different eras and is nowadays often called a retro look. The […]


Vintage Underwear: Let Yourself Be Won Over By Our Site

Fashions change, but do not go: some items never die, they just set aside for some time before returning to the forefront in explosive fashion. ? success in corsets, Basque, baby dolls & balconies which, along with push-ups, bloomers and knickers,have made the return of the forties and fifties with their sensuality and irony. Just the retro style is inspired by our site, which offers us the Vintage look Appeal:you won’t know resist lace, embroidery and baby pink that you feel the real movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, or Bette Davis. Vintage Appeal awaits our site website and in the many outlets throughout Italy: Let’s find out together all heads of lingerie that make up this look so trendy, designed to highlight the forms of each woman.


Summer Vintage Wedding in Kassel

“Designed the day how he is the”most beautiful day”for you. Your guests will notice that he is nice for you and that’s the important thing.” According to this motto, Tanja and Robert their wedding celebrated on August 13, 2016 at the castle of Schönefeld, in Kassel.


Scarlett Johansson and Her Engagement Ring in the Art Déco Style

Her Partner, the French Journalist Romain Dauriac, Has Opted For the Engagement For a Very Individual Piece of Jewelry: a Retro-Inspired Engagement Ring, Reminiscent of the Days of Art Déco. On the ring finger of the left hand of Scarlett Johansson, you could see a suspicious-looking diamond ring at the premiere of under the skin, […]


Affordable Vintage Style Watches

Well, then I break me times. The background: I already have a post on the topic of new watches in the vintage style written – they were all under $500 at that time. In this article I would like to once again reduce the price mark-Maximum 200 euro will cost them. One of the watches is even far below 100 euros. And […]


Best Watches to Buy on Ebay

With the best thing about blogging is Yes, if you get positive feedback from his readers. Anyone can “Rumhaten” in the network and controls. To give praise and appreciation, seems to be much more difficult and rare. For example: “You’re doing a good job” or “The rubric is great!”. Actually that happened the other day-the “find Friday” meant. Reason enough, […]


SPFW: Shoes Spring Summer 2012

Everyone wants to know what’s going to be used next summer. The nice surprise are the colors of summer fashion 2011/2012. What colors of trends (color palettes), brazilian fashion will use? Let’s look at the feet of the São Paulo Fashion Week! Red, fluorescent yellow, blue, white, gold, gray, Orange, pink, earthy tones are some […]


Retro Gifts Suggestions For Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s day is coming, and with it, the question of what to buy for your baby. If so how do you, he or she loves retro, select products from the market place Vintage Chest, which are pure style and will facilitate your life at the time of choosing the perfect gift.


Vintage Watches for Beginners

To buy a vintage watch is not for everyone. Is it because you would hate to have round-the-clock used, another on the arm; be it because we simply do not have the time and leisure, is the topic of mechanical watches to work-including the sub-themes of repair, revision and “original or fake”. And, at the latest since […]