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Patek Philippe Watches

A rare rarity from the House of Patek Philippe. The glass dial offers insights into the delicate movement of the Grand complication REF.5104P.

If watch lovers earlier laid to an elegant timepiece, they went to the jewelry store of confidence, could consult and took the precious pieces scrutinized on site. But as in many areas moved the business himself of High Clocks propagated on the Internet. So, the platform for watches of chronext for a rare Patek Philippe recently reached the record price of over half a million euros. But which are to justify this price: is it the precious timepieces or something more behind? Continue reading

Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar And The Master-Stop Watch

Omega adds a selection of prestigious new models to the Globemaster Annual Calendar collection with a new size, a new movement and a new design. Each of the watches continues the revolution Master watch manufacturer and impose high quality standards in terms of precision and performance.

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Roger Dubuis: New Watches for Divas

The “Velvet Couture mink fur” by Roger Dubuis with a bracelet from fur.

A bracelet made of mink, one another, which is covered with a silk stocking reminiscent of a corset. This provided the dials with sparkling diamonds and large Roman numerals. The three new watches of Swiss manufacture of Roger Dubuis are anything else than usual – and only thanks to a function of change of begin everyday use. Continue reading