Teenage Pregnancy Fashion

An acquaintance of mine happened “trouble” as my neighbor when he hears that a girl got pregnant. After the first moments of heel, the future grandmother of the baby he tucked his sleeves claiming his daughter the best way possible. But nowadays you can stay still shocked at such an event?

I understand it might be hard for a young girl to feel suddenly on their shoulders the responsibility for one other person but in life can happen too. Here the problem is felt but not like in the United States where the phenomenon of teenage mothers is a concern given that the 6% of births relates to underage mothers .

It is definitely a problem for families but maybe for girls is not always an act of recklessness. In America just to face serenely the event, was born a new maternity line fashion for teens called Love 21 Maternity which aroused great controversy. The fashion company in question (which unfortunately does not ship in Italy) is the Forever21 who has a chain of shops throughout the Country, and has been accused of exploiting the serious problem of girls who find themselves with the bump.

According to you is a way to exploit the problem of teen moms? I think that the creators of the line low cost have just launched to discover an untapped market segment to see if it will bring gains.