Ten Dresses Dream

Man not only feasible things live. Normally, in Jezebel, we seek to be wise and give practical advice to the extent of our possibilities, but as fashion lovers that we are, we like to dream. So today I leave aside what is reasonable, and I do one list of my cherished dresses for Christmas. Those same as today I would buy If yesterday had touched me the lottery.

A kind of “ if I were rich ”, because dreaming is free, and in the times that run, enough raw realities we have face to clip the wings of our mind and those unattainable desires flooding it.

I recommend the exercise: is the most liberating.

If I were rich the first thing you would get in my locker is a dress of Oscar de la Renta, because it is feminine and demure, and that never goes out of fashion: spend me exactly $3.686 (2.629 euros).

The second thing: a good Lanvin sober and elegant, and the closest thing I’ve found to Keira Knightley’s green dress in Atonement. Fad would remain at 1,130 pounds (1,203 euros, which is quite reasonable).

My third choice would be the famous strapless dress of Yves Saint Laurent, but not in version woven tracksuit, but color Bordeaux (nailed was that some time ago Leighton Meester in tone mustard): the joke, 3.260 pouns, or what is the same, 3,400 euros.

The next on my list would be to me in a Greco-Roman style tunic like this of Marchesa: and pos only 2,885 dollars (2,057 euros).

Although to gown classic and exquisite East of Alexander McQueen that would be me by 2,020 pounds or what is the same 2.15 euros.

according to Barblejewelry,Balmain It would be the next to fall: impossible feel sexy without one of her animal print dresses. How? 7,680 pounds = 8.222 euros. Incredible but true.

If he wanted to, could not resist to Herve Leger, so it would make a dent in my locker for their dresses based on bands of silk to 1,345 dollars, or 959 euro point.

Other historical resurrected, Halston, I would stay with this satin maxi dress in Orange. Fabulous by 3.065 euros.

Of Emanuel Ungaro It would be with a dress that I fell in love with nothing else see it, and which is an asymmetric version of the look chosen for Coco Rocha on the cover of the Spanish edition of Vogue magazine from January 2009. And for 3,920 euros.

And finally, any thing of Olivier Theyskens, my darling and creative director of Nina Ricci. With this dusty blue tunic minidress of 1.790 euros, I was.