The 70 Back East by 2015 and Make It More Modern

A year they play 60, other years 50 are more, and for this season Spring-summer 2015 We relive the 70 in the best way. And is this decade’s thick and towering heels, you necklines impossible and Jane Birkin as Muse for many is fashionable. But no longer in itself, but its essence: with a very modern touch and adapted to our needs.

We have seen it at gateway, we are seeing it in stores and street style begins to adapt to the movement. Are you going to fall into the temptation? We do not doubt a moment of this…

Gucci, the origin?

There are many large firms and designers, who this season have opted to spring-summer 2015 this trend as of yore, but the truth is that if only we can name one of our mouth sale Gucci. Pants high shot, woven denim of the most cool and covered by cross lace-up necklines. The Italian firm has been inspired by this time so stylish and so we saw it in its parade.

Reformation, signed mid-cost fetish

  • Brown body with v-neck, 69 euros.
  • Long sleeve with v-neck and cross strips, 69 euros.
  • Dress cone scote cross, 104 euros.
  • Dress with crossover neckline, 86 euros.