The Beauty of Ethnic Necklaces

In summer it is a must put on new colors and absorb all the energy of nature, sea and sun. Will serve to recharge our batteries for the next few months! One way to give us a special light is also to wear colorful necklaces, rediscovering the ‘joy of glass beads or ceramic, creating lively and original combinations.

Wear necklaces richly colored part by centuries of culture of many peoples, especially those tribal, for which the shape, materials and colors often have a tradition and a precise meaning and jewelry in addition to give beauty to the women who wear them are also the powerful amulets.

For example, Berber women of Morocco and Tunisia join amber and coral, deep red which is a symbol of warmth and life force, with glass beads, enamel and silver coins.

An ‘explosion of color is that which characterizes the women’s necklaces Masai of Kenya, made with infinite patience and a surprising amount of beads, while in India the Naga women are covered in long strands of glass beads or semi brightly colored, twisted with threads, shells and metal buttons.

Many of these necklaces have a long history and the pearls that often form have traveled from one country to ‘another, as in the case of glass rods of this Iranian necklace collected and brought by merchants Afghanistan. Some seem of stylized birds, an ancient form and widespread in Iran.

But perhaps those who have traveled more are the famous beads of African glass called “trade beads” because they were produced in Europe and especially in Venice and used since 1500 as a bargaining chip to buy goods in Africa. They are all different and all very colorful!

I hope you have the right inspiration to soak vitality of color and maybe have fun creating for themselves your necklaces. Buzzwords: originality and creativity!