The Beauty Secrets of Rihanna

How does Rihanna to always be beautiful and stylish? The importance of makeup and the inevitable jewels do their part. But what to choose?

Rihanna is without a doubt the King Midas of our generation. Everything he touches turns to gold, or does: thousands of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, its songs and features are international hits, the continuous change of look (albeit eccentric) are now trendy, so much so that many houses fashion and make-up have chosen it as a testimonial or have wanted for important beneficial collaborations .

But where will the inspiration Barbadian pop star, she seems so unattainable but thanks to social networks remains close and in constant contact with his Navy? To give her a lot of ideas are the profiles of the Middle East following on Instagram, much loved by celebs platform here share images of their private life. By extension to the colored wigs, the make-up (his secret? L ‘eyeliner MAC), to simpler and elegant look to other much more daring and eccentric.

Beauty Secrets of Rihanna

Any image of Riri you to observe, in his look never lack the accessories: earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces… You know, the jewelry then have a real vice of the stars, domestic and overseas, not to mention the rapper and pop singers of necklaces and gold chains (Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber are a clear example) can not do without. The most beloved of Rihanna? Nothing Swarovski or Bulgari: the pop star is a real fan of Claire’s , the well-known brand made in the USA specializes in creating elegant jewelery and various accessories (from hair to care for the body), that in years of prosperous business has also signed important collaborations.

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The Beauty Secrets of Rihanna 2

The Beauty Secrets of Rihanna 3

“All my jewelry is fake,” said the pop star who also added that many of those wearing buys them in the mother of the property store. “Everyone should have their own style, but with a little touch of Rihanna. I need to be provocative. You’ll never be stylish if you do not take risks, “he said.

So, dear fashionistas, warn you: for a look at Riri have to start from accessories. Claire’s, of course.