The Best Leggings In The Autumn-Winter Collection Of Chalcedon

Leggings are the star garment of autumn and of Chalcedon. It is a very comfortable and very multipurpose garment, can be used for day to day and also to get a little more tidy, is a basic that can not miss in our winter closet.

But there are not only chalcedony leggings in this fantastic collection, we can also find some pantyhose  and stockings with a perfect designs. It makes these garments, which normally pass more unnoticed and we give less importance, are the bearers of our look.

The black color is the protagonist of the collection, it is a very suitable color for this garment, since the black stylizes a lot and makes the garment feel like a glove. Regarding the fabric, leather is the protagonist, it is the material that most highlight in the collection, gives an irresistible touch to our look, mixes sensuality and rebellion, a perfect formula.

In this collection we can find very original stockings, but not too flashy, which makes me like them even more. They will be the protagonists of our look, which will provide a great sophistication. They are perfect for a night out, arranged but not over-priced.

The leather leggings I love, there are some specifically with a diamond in the part of the knees that make these leggings are special. I would wear them to go  casual on a day to day basis, but I would also wear them with a heel to go out at night to any dinner, party or event. That shine that this material shines off and the leather makes the legging can give that touch of elegance in any look.

If you have a party and do not know what to wear, this is the perfect garment, is very comfortable and with the sequins you can not go more elegant. For me they are one of the best leggings that you can choose to leave a little more trim than normal.