The Bullfighter Jacket, Our Best Friend for Halftime

At this time we do not know what to us, where the coat is an excess and point jackets we fall short, the Huntress Bullfighter version has become our best friend to wear during these spring days, best known as a time of spring.

This spring the toreras return to our wardrobe, A very structured and short-waisted jacket. Marks suggest them different styles and patterns, although this season wins by a landslide the ethnic look, the trend star of the moment. The Bullfighter is versatile because you can combine it with all kinds of garments: dress, skirt, pants… and a tip, wear it always open. You delight!

  • Green Bullfighter’s Burberry 3.095 euros
  • Bullfighter H.Preppy fringe Cowgirl 298,00 EUR
  • Mauve Bullfighter of Burberry 3.095 euros
  • Ethnic H.Preppy Bullfighter 298,00 EUR
  • Zara red Bullfighter 69.95 EUR
  • Military Bullfighter short in front and long behind Chic and Rolla, 1190 euro
  • Bullfighter’s flowers of Pierre of Hierro Madrid CPV