The Costumes for The Meeting of Mr Banks, Inspired by The New Look

You know how much that we like the costumes from movies and inspirations of garments in the same. Today’s post is about the clothing of Mr. Banks meeting, where the style New Look is the protagonist.

The meeting of Mr. Banks shows us the true story of how Walt Disney, role played by Tom Hanks, fought non-stop for 14 years until the rights of the most important novel written by the Australian P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson). After much stress, and with an exquisite service, Disney would get done with “Mary Poppins”, the most successful story of the writer.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior He presented his first couture collection almost 67 years ago, and he surrounded the divas of the time, such as Rita Hayworth and Vivien Leigh, who were some of the privileged who struck him a new style: the New Look. He put it fashionable, although now Balenciaga had anticipated it. And in the dressing room of Mr Banks, we see a clear inspiration for this style.

Jackets with fitted waists WaSP and little marked shoulders, skirts flying ball gown with tiny waists and bulky, a hat and lounges. In addition to coats the same cut that persist to the present day.