The Definitive Guide to Choosing Shirt Collar

The collar is one of the main considerations that should be made regarding the shirt. In addition to matching your preferred knot, it should be able to balance the shape of your face(we will address that subject here later). The collar with a narrower opening between the two ends of the collar works well to balance wider faces, and has less bulky nodes, like the simple and so on…. Take a look at our   guide to choose the shirt collar


This is the most common collar and can be found on approximately 90% of social shirts. It is elegant and perfect to be worn closed, with a nice tie. Thanks to its width, it carries thicker nodes, like the four-in-hand.

TIP: For more informal occasions, prefer another type of collar, with more personality according to ANYBLOUSES.


This collar is also seen in most business environments and works as a good showcase for your tie. If you choose to give it up, the French collar adds a slightly more formal touch to more casual occasions.


This is worn with a more classic and aristocratic collar. Thanks to the generous opening of the ends, it has larger nodes like the Windsor and is usually worn with a tie.


Also known as a”banker’s collar,” it is an ultra-professional type, although it has recently been seen in more casual shirts. Some consider him a somewhat”arrogant” type of collar, but can become a”breath” in his wardrobe, especially if the body of the shirt has a more modern pattern.


If you are looking to make a stylish and cosmopolitan statement of style, this is the ideal collar. Of English origin, it has been seen in many collections and stays well with us wider, like the Windsor, thanks to the enormous space between its ends.


This is the collar of the turn. Accompanying the slim trend that took hold of the collections thanks to Hedi Slimane, a former Dior Homme stylist who scandalized the fashion world with slim silhouettes and skinny pants for men in the early 2000s, the collar also shrunk. This type of collar can only be used, when it gives, with slim ties, and simple knots.


Considered the most informal of all, it was created by the Brooks Brothers brand. Originally, he has the most elongated collar but has been upgraded in recent seasons and walks closer to Clifford, a collar from the 1950s. If you want to wear a tie, do not forget that it is suitable for those slim ones, which will be simple knots.