The Dresses Sought after for the Night of San Juan

In less than 20 days We will live the night magic and short round: the Verbena de San Juan. And as (at least in my house) tradition dictates, we must wear a dress White contrast that with our golden skin from the Sun. And Yes, I know that we are in times of crisis and we need to buckle, but for those lucky ones who can and wish to spend some EUR in her outfit today I show you different options depending on the firm. And it is that there are many brands that have in their collections an infinity of models in this tone. What do you prefer?

Welcome to the Zara territory

As it could not be otherwise, the signature star of the Inditex Group)Zara) has a wide range of models in this color. Long, short, crochet, transparent & #8230; Choose which most goes with you and wear it like never before.

  • Dress ruffle at one side
  • Monkey trousers
  • Skirt with Ruffles and lace dress
  • Dress with Sweetheart neckline
  • Dress with fringed neckline

Young key

But can that Woman collection not suits your style, so that you can jump to Zara TRF, namely the collection of promising young talent. Here we find lace, crochet and to mesh. Which of these models do you prefer? Difficult choice & #8230;

  • Lace dress
  • Mesh dress
  • With paillettes and transparent shirt skirt
  • Long sleeves and lace
  • Crochet Monoshort

As the color suggests, white

And for tastes the colors. In this case forms, as hue Queen only one: the pristine white. Think of the trend that more you like and you will find the version that more goes with you on the firm White.

  • Dress with ruffle
  • Lace peplum dress
  • Guipure lace Sweetheart neckline in the back

The English also know

And we leave aside the Spanish firms to focus on the British firm wreaking havoc beyond where it goes: Topshop, who fate? As it could not be otherwise trends prevail in these models so flattering and that move away from everything else. For daring girls, with its own personality and who like to get away from the conventional.

  • With more pronounced V-neckline
  • In version maxi with transparent skirt
  • Following the trend cutout

And you, with your favourite model?