The Famous Ones Add To The Fashion Leggings

The famous always imposing fashions, and as could not be expected otherwise, have adopted and made the leggings fashion, these super tight pants that we never thought would return to fashion life.

Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Milla Jovovich, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan are a small corsage of the famous wearing these elastic pants, combined with miniskirts, blouses, short dresses and ballerina boots. Black ones are your favorites.

What? Not yet agreed ? For even designers such as Karl Largerfeld andMarc Jacobs have found the most symbolic garment of the 80’s for their latest collections.

What I love about leggings, is that in addition to coming in a variety of colors and prints, you can put together countless looks with them: casual, sporty, chic , punk… whatever you want. My only objection, is that you have to have legs that are more or less long and thin to show off .

But as celebrities do everything to stay in line, they have the best. For example, Kate Moss puts on a raincoat and an extra large bag. Jessica Alba puts them under waist dresses tight to the waist with a wide strap.

The fashionista Sienna Miller‘s looks with short shirts, belts and flat shoes tacks. And Milla Jovovich makes a very romantic combination ofleggings with short lace dress, with a large black velvet bow and ballerina shoes.