The Ideal According to Your Body Type Swimsuit

Going to the beach, how many times does not have you seen a girl with a swimsuit that looks incredible to you? You may have a great body, but it is likely that all turns around a good choice of garments. And is that a well-chosen swimsuit can make all the difference in the world!

Beyond color and pattern, choosing a swimsuit it is important that we set in his court to find out if it will highlight our attributes or, on the contrary, it will reduce our sex appeal.

The first thing you should know is that there are five main female body types: rectangle, pear, sand, Apple and inverted triangle clock.

Going shopping, taking into account the following tips:

-If you want to conceal that little waist you have, choose a swimsuit one piece, preferably a dark color and print.

– High-waisted bikinis (Yes, like that used in the 1950s) are perfect to hide the belly, to emphasize the waist and emphasise your curves. In addition, they help you lengthen the legs according to physicscat.

-A tankini is ideal to accentuate your waist and disguise your hips and your bust.

– Shorts with ideals to make your hips look wider.

-The tops style bandeau (strapless) make your bust look more. They are perfect for girls with little bust.

Take a look at this illustration to know what kind of body you have and which court will favor you more.