The Little Black Jacket Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld. Of course he knew the answer as well as a designer of fashion house Chanel and author of the exhibition Little Black Jacket, which is currently touring the world. Karl has personally photographed all 113 persons for the exhibition and the styling was made by Karen Rothschild. According to himself this is the most iconic garment created by Coco Chanel, more universal, even from the little black dress.

We could not agree more. Each of us, I’m sure, has at least one black jacket, probably not Chanel, but we know that it can save us almost every situation – it goes everything is stylishly makes our elegant, slim and confident. As seen in the photos of Lagerfeld, our black jacket is ourselves. So individual and characteristic are the pictures that he has done. Karen Rothschild as a modern anycountyprivateschools, Daphne Guinness typical for her huge jewelry and eccentric make-up, Natalia Vodianova – the most innocent person in fashion, Jane Birkin namesake bag of Hermes in hand, Anna Wintour – unmistakably recognizable even in the back Sarah Jessica Parker like a real queen, Vanessa Paradis French mysterious and elegant, every woman has their own style and history, and it seems even how worn his jacket. In fact the exhibition are posing and men, and the small Hudson Kroenig, who appeared with his father on the podium of several reviews of Chanel. And especially for the arrival of the exhibition in Moscow to exposure are added and a few Russians and because already we know from our previous posts, we left and their photos.

Finally can not say that favorite picture of himself Lagerfeld is the Michelin Chaban-Delmas, an elderly lady, widow of former French president, who posed without makeup, proudly showing his age. Lagerfeld says it is beyond fashion, youth and beauty, it is absolute class. We will hardly see this exhibition at us, so here are some of the best photographs of her.