The Look Right: Blazer and Shirt Henley for Spring

If you asked me to choose a combination of clothes for this spring/summer my vote would go for the look above! Casual in just the right measure to the profile of the brazilian, comfortable and stylish within their proposal, this combo simple, has the potential to please a large portion of the male audience, understand why:

The Look Right Blazer and Shirt Henley for Spring

Why does it work?

The light pieces on the top to let the visual light and fresh, the shirt henley white with his collar unstructured overlapped by the blazer ice play all attention to the face. The denim basic, without major “frills”, maintains the idea that this look is stripped down and doesn’t need exaggerations to draw attention. To close we have the white tennis shoes of canvas, that there is no need of highest praise, because there are times has called the attention of men by its versatility in combinations casual.

The care of the accessories also deserves attention: a beautiful aviator sunglasses, combining well with the shape of the face model, leather bracelets and a watch steel bracelet complement the look with style and relaxation.

Warmed up? So choose the fabric with care! The blazer can be of lightweight cotton or linen, the shirt should be short sleeve and cotton.

Try this…

Swap the blazer ice for a blazer or jacket twill off white, the effect will be very close to hit here. Also, it is worth trying a moccasin suede or nubuck light grey for those who do not exempt the shoes.

In short:

  • Some of the looks that define very well the mood and style of the brazilian man well dressed and casual, this is one of them;
  • Henley + blazer is a combination of cut-throat, even more in light colors, close to white;
  • Jeans basic is fundamental in the wardrobe, especially in an outfit with that vibe;
  • More proof that you need a tennis shoes white canvas to yesterday; : )
  • Accessories well scored complement each other well in the combination, without overdoing it;
  • Parts in off-white too would do the service with perfection, try it out!

Additional tips

For chubby – keep the blazer closed if the shirt is by checking the belly. The unbuttoned collar favors those who have the double chin.

For kids – the cut in the silhouette is inevitable here, compensate for this effect by choosing a shoes that have a thick sole and keep the blazer open to form a vertical line on his back.

For the altões – the contrast of the clothes you favor and if you want to increase the effect of slicing place the shirt inside the pants and choose a belt of neutral, but what a contrast with the pants and the top. Beware of the footwear, choose something with low sole.