The Look Right: Breaking the Rules in the Use of the Suit

Sometimes, breaking a rule or another can do well and, in fact, can be an essential factor to define your style. The commandments for the proper use of a tender are quite rigid, but to risk new combinations and ideas can yield positive points to the more funky.

The Look Right Breaking the Rules in the Use of the Suit

The comrade in the photo above left for the fall of the arm with the style rules and came out the winner, with praise! Mixed blazer navy with black pants and exchanged the traditional black shoes for a brogue bicolor, until then no transgression absurd, but what impressed me were the socks combining not with the pants, not the shoe, but with the jacket, playing for the high one of the golden rules of the costumes the social male.

To be more clear: custom black asks shoes brown or black, and socks in the color of the costume, in this case he had already made two concessions, replacing the blazer and the shoe, so why not go a little further? The result was extremely nice, including this pinch retro that the brogue brought.

It’s like they say: rules are made to be broken! But be clear, to break them you must know them and understand them first.

Note: the photo above is from the first day of Pitti Uomo, in Florence, Itállia and this is just one of the stylish visitors of the event. To learn more about the event read the article we did about it, click here.