The Most Romantic and Delicate Dresses for Your Graduation

Graduation is one of the most important days of our lives, so it is important to take a good look. The graduation day will remain engraved in our memory, but also in videos and pictures. For girls who are looking for a style very delicate, romantic and some retro air, we recommend some dresses that you are going to feel like a real Princess.


Dresses in pastel shades they are ideal for a graduation. Romantic dresses with very careful details, such as appliques 3D flowers, lace, or a touch of brightness. With any dresses that can be found in MissSelfridge will be perfect for a special day.

  • Lace dress and woven Swiss dot with appliqué in sky blue, for 60 euros.
  • Dress color Mint with 3D flowers and bright applique, for 85 euros.
  • Dress with embroidered flowers, for 76 euros.
  • Pink flower in organza dress, for 72 euros.
  • Dress in coral color with white body, 65 euros.
  • Dress with floral patterns and appliqués of flowers, for 85 euros.
  • Grey dress with lace, for 50 euros.
  • Orange organza dress style 1950s with loop, for 38 euros.


In ASOs you have a lot of options for your graduation day. Many brands sell their dress by ASOs, find yours is a matter of patience and constantly review the web. The dresses that we offer for graduation are of lady style and with flight on the slopes.

  • Yellow dress with floral appliques of Little Mistress, 72,90 euros.
  • Dress with lace in black and gold of Little Mistress, 72,90 euros.
  • Pink dress with floral ornaments of ASOs, by 99.41 euros.
  • Dress lace skater with ornaments in nude color of ASOs, per 112,67 EUR.


To recall a prom in the American style, your brand is ModCloth. Dress with retro touches, years 50 or 60 girls seeking to highlight, but remaining faithful to a style.

  • Red dress with ruffle and bow, for 56 euros.
  • Dressed in a mauve skirt of tulle and bright applique, 112 euros.
  • Dress straight in various shades of pastel and lace, by 46,50 EUR.
  • Trim, striped dress for 76 euros.