The Tailoring Club

We’re not exactly spoiled with Swedish fashion initiatives that focus on a slightly more well-dressed look. The Tailoring Club is a gratifying exception, inspired American tailors tradition and Brooklyn in particular.

Jackets and costumes are sewn with half-canvas construction in coarse flannel and wool fabrics. The silhouette is narrow and relatively short with softer shoulders of a well-dressed, but at the same time not to feel weird. A distinctive garment of the collection is the knitted fabric jacket which pushed for a compact and robust surface. The collection also includes a number of shirts and knitted cashmere sweaters and ties, handkerchiefs and scarves all made from AD56 Milan. All at relatively reasonable prices with cashmere sweaters from SEK 1500 and jackets from 3000 SEK. The collection will be available in selected Brothers stores starting from September.