The Tops of Fashion Are from Zara: All Wear Them

No, they are not Balmain. The tops with shoulder pads which all carry, are from Zara. Were discussing it yesterday itself to root to see the collection of spring-summer 2010 signature: it is one thing to spend a fortune in an evening gown, in a spectacular costume, a pair of shoes or a bag. But trends of those who come and go like the beaked and exaggerated shoulder pads or even less stained t-shirts, do not deserve a disbursement of absurd money even by that most have.

Cotton and silk in the autumn-winter 2009 collection shirts t-shirts / 2010 French firm are the most desired among the trend-setters of pro, but is there really much difference with the clone of our store’s header?

Obviously the Silk will not be of the same quality or the shoulder straps will be sewn as meticulosamene, but is that Zara model costs 49 ’ 90 y by Balmain, 1 ’ 900 euros exactly. And although Christophe Decarnin model does not have the pleasure of having it tested, Zara’s Yes. And the shoulder straps is uncomfortable carrying labelled. Besides that costs a lot to be with them without feeling a tad disguised (and somewhat ridiculous). Because the guatine is complicated that is strategically positioned.

The extravagance is what you have & #8230;

The issue is that if you have the itch to try one of the most powerful trends of the season, do as models and women with style as Mélanie Huynh and add resource Inditex.

The model, but not tie, is in black and white silk, and cotton (cover photo). Once you pass shoulders always armed vein can remove the shoulder pads, and but for less than 50 euros I may have given the whim to implement a fashion causing the same anger that scares but undoubtedly seeking to place in the street.