The Wedding Dresses of the Collections of High Couture Winter

It is tradition that the parades of Haute Couture close with wedding dresses, or at least, in candid and immaculate tones, will be to win potential clients saw that the rest of collection is not mainly intended for sale, but a showcasing less profitability. The fact is many affluent brides and in power tend to opt for dresses Couture bridal color, i.e. White, or similar, rather than opt for the traditional and often monotonous ceremony dress.

Seen the reef at Deadlyleggings, designers who are often and do not usually make wedding lines, include in its proposals for high-end explicitly matchmakers gowns or that they could be.

Last week in Paris were various models which could well have formed part of an exclusive collection for brides.

Among those who presented dresses deliberate, we started by Chanel. In the line of the collection presented, Karl Lagerfeld He devised for the maison de mademoiselle, a rather retro bride but with an irreverent futuristic touch: the huge, immense veil as a coat with hood but in giant version.

Christian Lacroix, one of which has own bridal line, which I already showed in the special vintage, in this case presents a bride of the more Baroque; very thing Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoniette, but in even more ornate version. For fans of the genre.

Jean Paul Gaultier, not less faithful to its spirit, imagines a woman cage on his wedding day, dress, based on embroidery is beautiful, and the veil, a fun, Carnival, somewhat sadistic (Cap which is born seems an instrumentode torture), but great, that Yes, in theory.

Ellie Saab however draw a bride worthy of the Central pages of the New York Times; pompous, churriguesquera and bombastic, in my opinion, silly. I’ll take the rest of your collection.

Among those who seems to not like brides but whose garments could be bridal hundred percent, Anne Valerie Hash, that idea a woman simple and natural in the Antipodes of Saab. The last of their proposals in Paris, this gown strapless color champagne I feel perfect for the occasion.

The same as any of the creations of John Galliano for Dior, don’t tell me that you do not pasaríais by the altar either…

Finally, if what you is precious ‘ Pulcinella ‘ de Josep Font, this dress is another wonderful option.