This Summer We Are Left with The Shoulders in The Air

Don’t you know how I like to be writing this entry, and is that I speak of one of my favorite trends Since I have use of reason (take longer!). I speak of the blouses and/or dresses that leave exposed shoulders, a trend that already we begin to see the last year but that did not work much in store (I did not find anything). But to look for life and try to find items from wherever he is, from the wardrobe of the grandmother with tops of yesteryear to stores Mexican to remove the blackhead. Luckily This season will be much easier wear this type of clothing since the firms are beginning to put the batteries.

Miroslava Duma It is a true fan to show their shoulders, and almost always does so with fabulous blouses designed by her friend Vika Gazinskaya. Who had a few thousand euros to invest in one of those! But from here I call firms low-cost, some dares with? a model like this or to the main page? Thank you.

Options available to your Pocket

Fortunately there are already some firms low cost that have begun to introduce these kinds of items in their collections, although for the moment they are too simple. What do you prefer?

  • Dressed in pink of Topshop, 42 euros.
  • Gauzy shirt of H & M, 49,95 EUR.