This Winter Do Not Leave Home without Your Miniskirt

Above miniskirts! They are the garment star this season and there is no who can refuse it. Imagine how have triumphed that I was that they always said that: I will never be with one of them (because of the discomfort of) having to combine (shoe + top + jacket) and… Wham! I’ve already fallen. That little I have credibility… Finally, if you are of that doubt and do not know what to do, maybe these girls help you make up your mind.

A tube

Which more triumph in the network are the fur in tube version. And although many of them wear them without socks since the temperature of California so, the truth is that I like how is stockings (tissue does not wear them in summer without scorch us). Therefore I fixed in Aida Dulceida, because although her stockings are very fine, the truth is that it creates a great look for every day.

Need risk?

Although there are always those that they want to go beyond and risk models: the Yellow or the lace in XXL they are a good choice.

Do you fancy them?