Three of Maternity Party Look for Different Occasions

Depending on the occasion we take styling or another, it is not the same afternoon wedding christening. When buying your look think about the time, place and the party you go. But above all you must choose maternity clothes that fit you well and is comfortable. There is nothing worse than going uncomfortable or not being yourself and being pregnant.

For a christening

A two – tone look is always a hit and a classic that never goes out of style. They are also garments that you can use separately.

  • Sundress with double layer gauze and white with tie to the waist Esprit, for 79.99 euros.
  • Striped cardigan in black and transparencies fine point with three – quarter sleeve Esprit, for 69.99 euros.
  • Clutch with polka dot print sequined Asosfor 35.49 euros.
  • Heeled sandals with ankle bracelet midi and buckle Mangofor 35.99 euros .

For a communion or a wedding day

For a communion or a wedding day bet for a monkey that are absolutely trend. Add fashion accessories to give a different touch to your look.

  • Jumpsuit short sleeves and empire waist belted front color stone cross from Asos Maternity, for 60.99 euros.
  • Wedge sandals with animal print Weekend, for 95 euros.
  • Small bag with shiny beads in various shades of Volum, for 55 euros.
  • Touched style crown green water with details of hydrangeas Gloria Velazquez, for 75 euros.

For a wedding night

For an evening wedding bet for a maternity dress with bright beads. Dress that are metallic or solid colors, if the dress is very bright.

  • Short chiffon dress in midnight blue with shiny rhinestones details Alía, for 59,95 euros.
  • Party bag in silver metal mesh of Parfois, for 14,99 euros.
  • Sandal with heel and strips in silver with heel MaryPaz,by 29,99 euros.
  • Long with stones and crystals navy blue with floral shaped earrings Dorothy Perkins, for 11 euros.