Three Summer Dresses to Wear at Work

Not all the dresses they are valid for the work. We want them to be beautiful, comfortable, but also the formal enough to wear in the office. We propose three dresses that are valid for the work and not passing fashion easily because we love them!

With print dress

The prints are also valid in the office provided that they are discrete and that the dress is snug to the body, with a good haircut that gives elegance. If we add a blazer and heels, or a thin belt we can win in formality with the dress. You can try with a dark blue jacket on this Zara striped dress and forget the slippers, for 29.95 euros.

Leather dress

While not doing too hot, we can afford to look leather dresses. If they are well structured we remove all leather rocker appearance and they are very chic to go to work. They are great with abotinadas sandals. We offer black leather dress of Mango to 99.99 EUR.

Striped dress

according to Automotiveqna,The Sailor striped for the summer, thinner or wider, in blue or black and white, they are a classic that works very well for the looks of office. Copy the look with this dress by Mango striped 25,99 EUR.

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