Tips for Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face Type

I’m sure that when Herbert Vianna wrote”Glasses” back in 1984 he did not realize that the day that grade glasses would be cool  would come-so much so that somebody even uses lenses without a degree, just to make a style (hello, hipsters!)..

-The glasses nowadays have gained status of” fashion statements”: they are no longer used just for their functionality, but are part of the look, passing the message of security, personality and self-knowledge. And intelligence, right? Everyone looks smarter than glasses, suit.

And how to choose the best glasses? I always saw many tips on face shape (which only made me even more confused by never knowing if my face was oval or rectangular) only as important as the shape of the face is what is inside it! And it was when I learned these  tips inspired by the inner traces of the face  that I discovered the features that work best for my face, both on sunglasses and sunglasses according to LightingHowto.

For delicate features ,  prefer light, thin and small frames.

For large face,  prefer  larger and thicker frames


For eyes away  choose one with dark bridge

For narrow brows prefer frames with prominence at the top

For small or short nose prefer  higher and rounded bridge

For long or large nose prefer clear or lower bridge than upper frame line

For wide nose prefer  high and narrow bridge and / or large frames

Are not good tips? 😀 Good, and if the way to”see” the glasses changed, the way of buying glasses also needed to change. Thanks to  Lema21  you can now try out various models of the comfort of your computer   through the Virtual Mirror   (via webcam or uploading photo) and save the”photos”. You can also select your favorites through the Prove em Casa service  and spend some days with them at home to choose (asking everyone’s opinion) the best (they have won a prize for this service!).

With each new Lema21 glasses you buy, they donate a pair  of  glasses to a needy child. All this paying the very fair value of R $ 267, for these beautiful models, super current, great quality and can install up to 6x (visa or master). Oh, the degree is free on normal lenses (you still have fine lenses option)!