Tips For Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt in Summer

This last month has been a true madness, the blog and social networking them have had to leave a bit of side because as we discussed in the previous publication we have opened our first physical store in Sabadell and clear, it is not a simple task, take orders online, continue seeing as always and as they deserve all our customers so that they receive their orders and add to that all the complications that have open a store in Spain and all off promote all that, it’s not easy.

So starting from today we will resume contact with our okapyanos that we lack nothing.

Tips for choosing the perfect t-shirt

With heat that is doing this summer, choosing the perfect t-shirt can be what makes you spend it better or worse and so I want to give a couple of tips based on

  • Black colors are not recommended for day with plenty of sunshine as the black color makes that the light does not reflect so much as other colors and this way to absorb more heat, colors like red, green, blue or white may be a better choice.
  • The weight of the t-shirt can also be something fundamental, there are t-shirts that have a greater weight in grams in others, a thin t-shirt can do that you breathe and your body to breathe better and you don’t have the feeling of embarrassment, instead a thicker can give you more heat and also perhaps a little hide better sweat.
  • To spend the least possible heat is better that shirt come loose, bone that is not going to just or tight, so you let that air flows through the clothes and your body to breathe better or what is the same, you sudes less.
  • Much as if you like as fate, a strapless or sleeveless t-shirt is ideal for the summer or for exercise, which does not have sleeves will allow your body to breathe better

I hope these four tips will serve to better choose your t-shirts and better pass the heat, enjoy the summer.