Tips for Identifying Authentic Designer Handbags

The market for new items is gaining strength in the city. Fortunately, the iconic(and dusty) stores have been deployed in modern boutiques and even on websites and apps. Have you ever heard of a shared economy? Learn more about the trend In this new scenario, the resale of luxury goods has consolidated[…]

The market for new items is gaining strength in the city. For the lot of buyers thrift store , the flagship(and dusty) shops unfolded in trendy boutiques and even sites and applications.

Have you ever heard of a shared economy? Learn more about the trend

In this new scenario, the resale of luxury goods consolidated as a lode. Several stores(physical and online) have specialized in offering only handbags, shoes and more accessories of sound brands like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, all second hand according to

The prices charged in these cases, of course, are fractions of those practiced by the official stores, which makes it easier to accept a scratch or other in the piece. Difficult even to trust the authenticity of the items. What if the model is a well-made replica of the original?

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To overcome the insecurity of the public, the Single Label launched about a year ago a kind of guarantee. If the customer proves that the product purchased on the site is false, the company agrees to return the money. To date, no such complaint has been filed, states Patrícia Niemeyer Sardenberg.

Below, it teaches you how to identify original purses from three coveted brands:


Materials and prints

■ The leather used to make the bags are of excellent quality, presenting a characteristic wear with the use;

■ Many pockets are made of cotton fabric. The canvas(canvas) undergoes various treatment processes to strengthen durability and ensure impermeability;

■ Handles and finishes are always presented in genuine leather;

■ The monogram of the brand always forms an aligned and symmetrical print. Check the stitching at the seams and application of pockets.

Metals, closures and seams

■ Check that zipper closures and handles are imprinted with the logo;

■ Pay attention to the operation of the zippers in the bag. The brand performs thousands of tests to ensure the quality standard of the material;

■ The stitches(or stitches) have the same number of seams on both sides of the straps;

Authenticity code and tags

■ The codes of authenticity, present inside the products, have letters and numbers. They can be presented in different ways: on an internal label or engraved directly on the lining, be it leather or other material;

■ The products are currently manufactured in France, the United States, Italy, Spain and Germany.



■ Bags are made of sheepskin or caviar leather;

■ If you find residue of glue on the leather, attention! The replicas are glued, while the originals are all stitched together;

Metals, closures and seams

■ Model 2.55( photo above ): the clasp is rectangular(without the brand logo) and the strap is a chain composed of three interlaced metal links;

■ Classic Flap model: it has clasp with the logo(two letters C superimposed) and chain handle with interlaced leather;

■ Logo: observe the overlapping of the letter C in the bag closing. The originals display the C from the right on the C from the left at the top. In the lower part, the C of the left appears on the one of the right;

■ At the back of the clasp, inside the bag are two words: Chanel(left) and Paris(right);

Authenticity code and tags

■ Matte relief: the perfect fit of the patterns at all angles is noted – in the brim of the bag with the body, the sides and the application of pockets;

■ Inside the pouch, the Chanel logo is centered and engraved on metal foil;

■ The label, sticker, and hologram design vary by date of manufacture. The most recent productions, from the year 2000, have adhesive coating the label. This adhesive has a slight brightness(like glitter), cross cut and the serial number, which varies between seven and eight digits. This number is exactly the same as the authenticity card that comes with the bag.



■ All products are made with genuine leather straps;

■ The stitches should be aligned and perfect;

■ The letters G that make up the pattern of branded parts must be visible and standardized, not erased or cut. Leather bags have GG marked on the leather, forming a print, never printed on the surface of the product;

Metals, closures and seams

■ Metal and fasteners should be heavy and very well made. Usually, they have the logo inscribed. The zippers can be plastic or metal. In the latter case, they must have the Gucci name engraved.

Code of authenticity, label and packaging

■ The number of each part is on the back of the inner label(the upper number indicates the bag model code). For current models, this number has six digits. The Gucci logo must be clean and accurate, as well as the”Made in Italy” inscription below.

■ The older packages were black and silver. Then they were changed to honey color, and now the newer ones have a dark brown tone.

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