Tips for You to Clean up a Piece of Jewelry

Frances prepared a super cool post with tips on how to save and clean her semi jewelry and use them for much longer!

We of Francisca jewels adore when a customer receives his Comprinha and demonstrates how satisfied he was with the quality of the product. However, as much as we have an excellent warranty, it’s always good to be aware of some tips for your pieces to last longer. For this, we have arranged this special post with 3 tips for you on cleaning of the jewelry. Prepared?

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Jewelry-Cleaning Tips

There’s no mystery to be able to keep your accessories clean. The most primal hint of all is the classical flannel or a clean and dry nest to take out that common dirt or if it is to just give a “up” in the brightness of the pieces according to healthvv.

Cleaning of Jewelry-Tip # 01

Leave your piece of sauce for 15 minutes in lukewarm water, containing a little liquid coconut or bar soap. After doing this, wash it thoroughly until you get all the soap out. Then brush using a bit of baking soda or white toothpaste (that without listrinhas and effects, you know?), and make sure that the brush is very soft – otherwise you can scratch your accessories.

After that, rinse it again, removing the leftover residue and dry the semi jewelry with a hairdryer or a piece of cotton cloth.

Cleaning of Jewelry-Tip # 02

Every vain woman likes to take care of her face and body, using and abusing creams, moisturizers, lotions and perfumes. However it is always valid to remember that, as well as these products can benefit from vanity, they can also be great enemies of accessories, especially veneers.

A serious error that is committed very frequently is the application of these products in the body after placing the accessories. So remember to always take off your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets before you pass that cream or perfume you so much like!

Do not use the semi jewelry while applying dye to hair, always remove them when performing some cleaning or something that uses many hands, after all they may scratch or fall and break.

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Cleaning of Jewelry-Tip # 03

Brazil is an immensely wealthy country in natural beauties. And we Brazilians know enough of that… If you like to enjoy a sun, whether on the beach or in the pool, the care of your accessories deserves even greater attention. Tanning, chlorine and seasalts can be the main cause of the oxidation of the parts. and avoid the use of sunscreen on the parts.

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Oh, and another pretty cool tip: Put a piece of chalk inside your jewelry door. It helps to remove all the moisture from small locations!

Tips on how to save your jewelry

Keep it very carefully! Choose a clean location that has no moisture. Don’t keep the semi jewels on each other. Stones, metals and pearls have varying degrees of hardness and can be scratched. The ideal is to wrap them in silk paper or a doily.

You know the little boxes of Frances? They are a great option for you to keep your semi jewelry safely. Do not hold the earrings and rings by the stones by removing them, it prevents them from releasing.

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We also have an e-book with many other tips on how to care and increase the durability of your jewelry.

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Like? I’m sure with these tips your Francisca jewelers will last much longer!

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