Tips on How to Use Costume Jewelry

Most women love accessories and often have boxes or drawers full of costume jewelry. However, at the time of use, do all know what to use or not and how to properly conjugate the pieces? To give you a hand, here are some tips, which can be helpful to you…

  1. As beautiful as your jewelry, remember always less is more. Many bracelets, a very striking necklace and an XL earrings, all in one look, can be more pieces…

  1. The strongest women can bet on bulky parts: a beautiful breast brooch, a bulky necklace or a wide bracelet. Remember that the aim is to use proportional parts to its shapes, which do not seem too small, drawing attention to excess weight.
  1. If you are skinny, you must avoid very large and bulky parts, which appear completely disproportionate to you and your figure.
  1. If you have a small neck, bet on striking but short-handed earrings that attract attention to your face according to A2ZYELLOWPAGES.ORG.
  1. If you have a long neck, you can bet on long earrings, wear collars by your neck, or longer pendants.
  2. If you have a little belly or hip, lengthen your silhouette (even visually) with long pendants or necklaces (more or less thin, depending on your height and weight).
  1. If you have large breasts, avoid using collars that end on the breast line, as they will draw attention to this area, highlighting it.
  1. Small fingers do not support well large and bulky rings.
  1. With regard to the colours (golden, silver,…) The best is even to experiment on your skin tone and check how it stays. Remember that it is possible to mix gold and silver, no problem, there are even some parts that do it.
  1. Conjugate the color of your clothing with the accessories you use, but avoid wearing jewellery that is totally the same color as clothing. It is worth mixing tones and, if you use a total black look, do not forget to Acessorizar with a touch of color!
  1. The conjugation of earrings with striking necklaces must be made with caution. If you risk some fancier earrings, the ideal is that the necklace is discreet (or even suppressed).
  1. Joining bracelets is fashionable. Play with various models and use them without problems. Always be aware, however, the event where you will-since not always this exaggeration of parts is fine.
  1. And because I talked about mixing bracelets, avoid using models that make too much noise, especially when working (to write to the computer, for example) and have colleagues nearby…

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