Top 10: Most Famous Jewelry Designers

In the world there are a lot of jewelry designers that will always surprise us, but only a few have designed amazing, elegant and different pieces, which have created a great impact in the world of fashion.

Today we want to facilitate the search and we will show from the most famous to those who are not very popular but who always have something creative and unique to show. Let us begin…

10. Sophia Forero:

Sophia creates jewelry with colors and textures inspired by international cultures, including Tuareg culture and Byzantine art. His line of designs has appeared in 300 boutiques and stores in the United States, Europe, and Canada according to Whitehallmakeup.

In 2002, Sophia won the design award in “Marshall Field’s Distinction”, in addition to that, has won many more awards and honors.

9. Jessica Kagan Cushman:

Jessica started in the jewelry business after learning her father’s ” Scrimshaw ” and her mother’s embroidery , began to make hand-engraved bracelets and expanded her product line, including: necklaces, rings, earrings, among other accessories .Some of his pieces have appeared on covers of magazines such as Cosmopolitan ,Vogue UK , Elle , People  and InStyle .

In 2012, Cushman was one of three finalists in the fine jewelry category at Fashion Group International.

8. Kim Poor:

She is a Brazilian who studied fine arts in New York and who has beautiful techniques in jewelry , some of her pieces are inspired by what she studied. He also has a website where he sells his works of art.

Some of the designs are inspired by nature, the Brazilian seas, the sky and the beauty of the wings of the butterflies.

7. Neelam Kothari:

While acting, she was also interested in jewelry design , which is why she took a formal jewelry design course in Mumbai and after leaving her acting career in 2001,she opened her own jewelry store called “Neelam Jewels” .

The materials they use are of very high quality, among them are emeralds, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, gold, etc.

6. Jennifer Meyer:

Jennifer is not only known for being the daughter of Ronald Meyer or being the wife of Tobey Maguire , she is also known for her designs and her spectacular necklaces , some of them have been used by many celebrities, including Kirsten Dunst , Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron .

In 2012 Jennifer Meyer was awarded the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund, and in 2013 she was nominated for the “CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessories Design”.

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5. Efva Attling:

Efva is a Swedish designer born in 1952. She was a professional model for twelve years and was also famous for being one of the best disco dancers in Sweden. Her interest in design had her working for Levi’s and H & M , but in the early 1990’s she started her own jewelry line.

In 2010, Efva became the first winner of the Guldknappen Award in the Accessories category. This prestigious design award is now organized annually by the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld.

4. James Of Givenchy:

James is not only famous for being the son and nephew of the founders of Givenchy , but also famous for his Taffin brand , where he presents high quality jewelry with the best materials .

Givenchy’s James also has been named creative director of Sotheby’s Diamonds and Baccarat.

3. David Yurman:

Yurman is involved in the entire creative process, from the initial sketch to the finished piece. Metals and precious stones are made up of the best craftsmen.

2. Gianni Bulgari:

After the death of his father in 1966, Gianni was the co-CEO of the family brand “Bvlgari ” . With Gianni in charge everything began to take off and Bvlgari became a well-known international brand.

In 1985 he decided to resign and left the family business after selling his brothers to his third company, but in 1989 he created “GB-Enigma”, whose mission was to produce watches and jewelry with his own designs.

1. Paloma Picasso:

Paloma is a renowned designer and has created most of the famous jewelry, “Tiffany & Co”.  Most designs are beautiful and delicate .

From a young age she has always had a love for fashion and art, in 1980 she started at Tiffany and after that, she created her own perfume called ” Paloma ” for L’Oréal.

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