Top 10: Tutorials for Making Home Jewelry

Hair retainers are fun, but sometimes I feel like we need something a bit morespecial. As I strolled through the shops, I painfully understood how limited my choices were and how uninspiring I felt.

That was precisely the day I decided to make my own jewelry! In a few days in my productive workshop I got a good selection of unique collectible pieces (which can be used), and a few minor injuries.

You will notice that making jewelry yourself is incredibly fun as you let yourself be touched by the new wave of creativity.

The following are supplies that I used when doing my jewelry, so explore your home to see if you can find anything that might be useful, such as: hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, screws, sandpaper, copper wire, copper sheets and any Thing that attracts your attention. No, we will not make bird houses or anything.These are standard tools for making jewelry yourself, so you should make a trip to the hardware store. You will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of inspiration and useful materials. After visiting the hardware store, you’ll consider going to some of the legitimate shops for costume jewelers, for the usual shopping list.

Here is a selection of projects that you can choose when you want to take a creative break this week and challenge yourself in your artistic endeavors:

Braided Necklace

This is one of the most known and ingenious. It takes a little time, but you can say with pride that you made this necklace yourself and did not have to buy it in the typical costume jewelry stores.


– Aluminum chain 30 cm (approx) and a median of 15 cm (approx)
– trapillo 2 meters
– 12 pieces of glass dropwise (8 x 11 mm)
–  13 pieces of dough ball (6 mm)
–  12 pieces of brass ring (6 mm) and 5 pieces of 10 mm.
– Parrot brooch (1 piece)
–  12 pieces of brass (flat head) 20 mm

Bracelets of wire and pearls

As we know, the pearls are fashionable, so I found a tutorial very easy to do. The advantage is that the beads can be real or false. I do not understand why I did not think of it before.


– Aluminum wire # 2

– 2 pearls (real or false) per bracelet

– Strong glue

Simple and easy bracelets

It’s easy enough that it will take you about 20 minutes. They are simple, but very beautiful.


– Mouse thread

– Ball Beads

– 2 closures (optional)

Button Earrings

This tutorial is so simple, it almost needs no explanation. Have you considered using buttons as materials for beautiful earrings? You will never see your buttons in the same way.


– Buttons of any size and shape

– Flat earrings

– Closings

– Glue

Eye-catching necklace

It does not always have to be colorful to be eye-catching. This necklace is perfect to get everyone’s attention


Everything you have in silver and you want to recycle. There are no restrictions to create this wonderful piece.

Beaded necklace

Yes! Accounts are also present. This is one of those tutorials that can be done with basic things like pliers or pliers.


– Small chains

– Pin and ring sticks

– Closing

– Faceted beads of 6 and 8 mm

Small Rings

The use of several rings on all the fingers is a trend that has accompanied us over the last 3 years. This tutorial is perfect for girls who want these rings with the ideal measurement.


– Wire

– Colored beads

Flower necklace

This necklace is very comfortable and one of the easiest to make. Also keep in mind that spring is coming and it will be very helpful to have something in the form of a flower.


– Screen

– Thread

– Wire

Cutlery rings

This is a bit complicated and I would only recommend it to people with experience in this area. These are rings made with forks, knives and spoons. Is not that a wonderful idea? The tutorial is in English, I hope you will forgive me, but I could not find something good in Spanish.

Jewelry with Shrink Plastic

This is one of the best ways to create something with your own designs. You can make from pendants to rings It is very easy, fast and beautiful!


– Plastic 6ps

– Permanent markers

– Oven container

– Rings

– Oven

The internet is full of jewelry tutorials and all kinds of crafts. I have chosen some of the most creative, innovative and fun for you to try them yourself. Enjoy your day and see you until the next!