TopShop Think about the Prom This Spring-Summer Dresses

The dresses that we’re seeing in our special us are idea for probing what trends are in force and compare proposals from different fronts, from some too expensive to others more accessible. To extend the offer by the seconds TopShop launches new collection.

New dresses designed for the party by the British firm, with more affordable and which will be available in stores starting from the April 14. Before that we are making us an idea and think what are our favorites in TopShop.

TopShop like sequins for party

When choosing a prom dress many have a very clear idea: that is striking and cheerful view. For that the sequin they tend not to fail, although it is necessary to be careful with them that we can finish dressing too overloaded much glitter. There is no question of being ball clubs, better something smaller like this dress.

Black continues to find the target, with the blazer and grey, with silver sequins, favorite battle fellow who joined a few boots.

according to Prozipcodes,As another alternative to the sequin It is to opt for a dress made entirely of these in the visible part. A very short dress, a blue that seems to own night sky along with the black in most punk details that we have seen on the catwalk.

If they do not convince us designs dark we can opt to give colour to our wardrobe with this short dress of eye-catching sequins that are complemented by a belt in black and according to TopShop is combined with fashion hairs, detail to which I still do not agree. That Yes, the choice of a long and thin necklace is great.

I’ll stick with this dress that bet by the geometric fashion of which I am a fan. Colors, mixing shapes and play between ideas of what could be motion-shaped neon signs that are increasing according to reaches the end of dress which are joined by the respective fringes.

Simpler designs by TopShop

There are people who choose a prom dress He doesn’t like by designs like that we have seen before. All of them are too striking for more courteous personal styles. For them there are simpler options to which the floral print feels very good. Flowers next to Sandals strips and socks. A look of Spring Street but born to party.

Most romantic trend comes to these dresses and complements a more carefree way, hence we see striped cardigans with background in grey and a variation of Oxford booties-shaped shoes. As detail style sequins on the shoulder straps.

Among so many ballerina with Oscar and the corresponding controversy that like everyone, even though it then seems to be lying, the fashion of the dressed in flight is in the Street between tiny polka dots.

And if none of the above we always like the little black dresses will be us with their necklines heart and chiffon in the form of transparency in the chest to which are added a few shoulder pads.

Yes, it’s time to party. What Monday? Gives the same, there is always something open.

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