Touched and Sunk by Fashion Neon

Yes, I know, now I have told you many times and I have several posts dedicated to the neon colors, but it is that every day that passes there are more which are attached to this fashion. More and more fresh ideas that we provide. For the more daring, those who just want to give a touch of chic to the styling or those that still they don’t know how to do it. For tastes the colors and today we show different versions looks as cool. Which one do you prefer?

Yes, admit it, has today still I have not dared take nothing in this tonality. But whenever I see this look composed of a Orange and pleated skirt with dark garments as the black and grey makes me want to raze all the tent, you isn’t simply divine this outfit?

But if you already have running on these of the colorful shades, You can that you dare you with wide shorts yellow lima. They are the most! But know that acapararás all eyes, so if you’re shy … refrain!

An idea which seems to me the most? Those garments that bind the trend color cake with the neon fashion. Impossible? Not at all. And is that the sky blue or Peach can have a touch of fluorine. To sample a button: what you think about the outfit for this girl?

Give me a bag and I will be happy

But if you are one of those that think that a garment is too much for your day to day, can ye Blist by the Chic bag. Do color star? The Pink Fuchsia, and if you combine it with Earth-colored garments the result is unbeatable.

Although for night out You can also combine it with the black classic: looks great!

And if you need more evidence that this color is perfect for fashion accessories look at this look with white jeans and grey cotton t-shirt. The clutch is centre stage. What do you think?

Have you fallen into the networks of these colors?