Trend: Ear Cuffs

Earrings popularized in the mid-30, by Marcel Boucher (1937), went insane the aristocracy, so hooked by “excess”, and year after year has since re-emerged as a mark of a style much like the punks in the 80.

However, this new resurgence has been growing since 2010 and they appear shyly on the catwalks of fashion designers.

An accessory used since antiquity, indispensable in female costumes in India, as well as on ethnic Tai (Thailand), which because of your excessive size were used hanging from the ear. So, in actuality, this kind of earring, so marked appears in the ear “bracelet” mode, without the need for a hole in the ear.

However, despite their shy beginnings on ring size, in a season marked by silhouettes “oversized” and XXL sizes, no wonder these earrings come ready to embrace virtually the entire ear.

Earrings that surpassed a whole revolution in your time and that despite being originally decorated with floral motifs, inspired by nature, now you find with stars, skulls, animals, crystals, crosses, chains …

With many styles becoming a joke very versatile. Once after the use in the 80 to complement the look of punks, nowadays not only find rocker style, but also romantic, glamorous, ethnic and retro.

Many designers have betted for revival of “ear cuff” and with a surprising diversity of styles of these pampering: Chanel, Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marios Schwab, Alexander McQueen, Repossi, Husam El Odeh, Nasty Gal, Anni Jürgenson, Sally Koeswanto, Litter SF, Rachel Comey.

Some of these earrings, you should use if you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.
Although today these “ears” covers come with a stylish designer, there are models of “ear cuff” very subtle and elegant, but there are other models that have a frame that has a mixture of necklaces or other jewelry parts, resulting in my understand something more grotesque. Some models are perfect to use as the hairstyle of Diane Kruger, and thanks to some eye-catching models, you can also use use the hair in the wind.

The “Ear CuffS” flood the runways of fashion designers, and occupy a starring role in the street style (urban style) of large cities, and celebrities also joined, showing that these unique earrings, are compatible with all possible styles.

Being a fairly innovative, a perfect time to invest in these pieces so unique, no waste.