Trends in Swimwear for The Summer 2017

Take advantage of trends we see on the runways is very intelligent, but somewhat complicated if we talk about conventional clothes argues that each season is very fitting to these fashion clothing.

However in bathroom there is usually so much variety that it is much easier to find something that fits us for a couple of years.

Word of honor

The neckline of honor in swimsuits has more strength. Quite stylized figure and above all view these brands of tanning so annoying when changing bathroom linen sport clothing.

Daring necklines

Some necklines are not only pretty risky, but they are very flattering provided that they carried enough style. They are quite classic but with a more modern and different neckline what does that you become also a lot younger.

With vintage air

Bikinis with high panties and tops with pretty fabric are spectacular, although perhaps not are they marketed both by its difficulty in sunbathing and brands that can leave. But they certainly are one of the finest to spend the day at a beach club or attend a summer party.

Ethnic PomPoms

I guess we all have seen Sandals Pompons and colorful accents that are sweeping in all over the world and the many clones that have emerged in a few months. This design has adapted perfectly to swimsuits just like on diseaseslearning, which can be ideal for any summer day.

Color stripes

Bathing suits of stripes of colors have always been very smart and funny since prints tend to be more common and, at times, too risky and colorful.

Tropical prints

The tropical print in summer is essential, we must always try to be nice and care because there are so many options that some have not that grace which in fashion is so important. They are very happy because they combine plants with fruit and very vibrant colors.

Argentine major swimwear brands already anticipate us what comes in their collections summer 2017.

Fashion tights in colors

The colors preferred by Argentine firms are the neutral: grey and blue marino, cakes: sky blue and pink quartz, vibrant: Fuchsia, Orange and red.

More prints

Nature predominates in the 2017 summer prints. In addition to flowers and leaves, you’ll find a wide variety of animals. Others that will be much will be prints with sets of geometric figures: stripes of different width, zig zag, triangles and circles.

Forms and details

From the sports top with the classic triangle. In smifinished, deep necklines. The details that make this season are ruffles and laces cross.

* Color data: is inevitable to repeat a thousand times that the 90 returned to stay: this time, in different parts of the world, are being used mesh style Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. He is dug one-piece, ultra mesh, which benefits, precisely, to the more “beneficiaries” on her figure.

The Model’s Mesh According To The Shape Of Your Body


They are ideal for the bandeaux and designs that have prints, Ruffles, embroidery or any detail at bodice. For the bottom, it is best not to add volume or draw attention with too strident tones that we will achieve that this part will be wider than it is.

Inverted triangle

The triangular-shaped bodices as well as traditional will be more flattering than the plastic. At the bottom is the Bikini, tankini or one-piece, is where most attention is recommended, either through prints, colors that stand out in comparison with others in the garment and flown.


If your body is of course hourglass, with shoulders and hips of similar width and a well defined waist, dyeing care not to alter the rates. For example, a one-piece which is darker and in the significantly more clear bottom, at the top you can create the visual effect that your hips are wider. For smifinished, it is essential to emphasize the waist, with a stamped or different tone in this area.


The width is similar between shoulders and hips so must balance the upper part to the lower part, but yes you should aim to make the waist look more defined. It is suggested to choose a one piece instead of the traditional bikini since it will give the visual sensation of a more defined waist.