Trends of Women’s Blouses for Summer 2018

The tendencies of women’s blouses for summer 2018 are influencing women when assembling modern and current looks. Fashion blouses are beautiful, comfortable and compatible with the hottest season of the year.

When choosing a blouse model, some factors need to be considered, such as physical type, personality and occasion. Some pieces combine with casual moments, others can be used to create a social look.

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Trends of women’s blouses for summer 2018

Check below the main trends of women’s blouses for summer 2018 :

Vibrant colors

The feminine blouses of the summer 2015 explore the vibrant colors, as is the case of orange, yellow, red and green. These shades are responsible for making the look more cheerful and daring.


If you like to wear printed blouses, then choose the floral motifs for summer 2015. The flowers appear in large prints, leaving the look with a tropical yet romantic air.


In recent years, income has taken over the female look. This material does not only appear in dresses but also in women’s blouses. The lacy effect is responsible for making the look cooler, romantic and delicate.

Clear tones

Those who do not want to draw too much attention in the summer can bet on the blouses with light tones. These pieces are discreet, elegant and easy to match. However, for the look does not fall into monotony, it pays to bet on an accessory such as belt or collar.

Lightweight, fluid fabrics

Summer is a very hot season, so it is recommended to wear blouses made with light and fluffy fabrics, such as cotton and pure silk.

Animal print

There are many models of women’s summer blouses 2015, as is the case of those who exploit the animal print trend. The wild prints are high and leave the look with more personality, as is the case of the leopard, zebra and leopard.

Elements of nature

When it comes to summer blouses, a good tip is to bet on pieces stamped with elements of nature, such as coconut, fruit and flowers. Some models even value entire landscapes through a stamp.

Craft Details

The application of pedraria is a handcrafted work that is taking care of the feminine look. The blouses with pearl appliqués, for example, combine with lace and make the woman more sophisticated.

Tips for blouses for summer 2018

  • Avoid blouses that are made from heavy or structured fabric.
  • If the blouse is neutral and smooth, then increase the look with a collar.
  • Anyone who is fit can use a blouse that leaves the abdomen on display.
  • To value a beautiful bust, bet on the V-neck pieces.

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