Triumph Underwear Catalogue

Triumph is preparing for a season Spring Summer 2014 the new rich, with a collection of underwear thinking about all requirements and with so many different styles. The proposed new Triumph for the warm season include many internal lines, collections whose hearts are extremely feminine garments, shapes inspired by different aesthetic that share glamorous fantasies, a choice of artfully made materials and combinations and unique details to embellish every Article.

Triumph Underwear Catalogue

After the splendid coordinated its autumn / winter collection 2013-2014, Triumph back to impress with a very rich choice, a line of underwear and accessories that includes the proposed features and irrestibili.

Line Aurora Sensation Triumph stands out this year for leaders with wild animal prints, made of lightweight fabric and very graceful forms.

Lines Light Lace by Body Make Up and Light Lace by Just Body Make Up are among the most original of the Triumph summer collection and are characterized by the choice of garments from flat finishes, among other items embellished by lace appliqués , perfect to wear in daywear and on all occasions of everyday life.

Microfibre soft touch enriched with hydrated minerals for the line Light Sensation, while in line Amourette, one of the classic made by Triumph, space lingerie items with floral lace, fantasies always associated with the spring season and reissued by Triumph Color glamorous as the radiant orchid, trendy Pantone color of 2014 seconds.

floral lace underwear

The new collection Heart & Flower Spotlight tip instead of bras and garments coordinated by the most sensual and intriguing shapes with small romantic roses applied and some ladylike accent to complete the shape of the bodices, models with special cut-out detail on the back to show off chic occasions.

Polka dots and lace for the wonderful online Beauty-Full Aura, coordinated fashion for lovers of an elegant style but very cheeky, style back to the creations of the Icon line, more delicate in the choice of colors, and Shine, a line of lightweight fabrics and shiny.

Triumph then launches a line of underwear for brides, the Ecliptic Renewal, where the lace is of course the leitmotif of the line. Space coordinated with bra and panties or thongs, boyshorts, or Brazilian, combined with suspenders with skirt and a contrasting band in blue.



Some tips of how to use this trend in their most varied models, from tops and dresses inspired by the baby dolls, the dressing gowns that we use within doors.

As we’ve talked previously on the occasion of the presentation of the main fashion trends for the hot season, some of the innovations that stood out was one that is marked by the inspired pieces in our lingerie.
This means, that this summer the underwear out of the darkened intimacy, and jumps to the light of day, to surprise everything and everyone with its lightness and sensuality.

Given this, and because it is in fact a fashion very attractive and ideal for the warm days, here are some tips on how to use this trend in their most varied models, from tops and dresses inspired by the baby dolls, set type pajama to manteau coats are similar to the robes that we use within doors.

In this context, it is still important to leave a warning: although very, very sexy, and this is precisely why this trend is hardly appropriate to use in the day-to-day work.




The versatility is the main feature of this piece. With a blazer and a stylish pair of shoes build an outfit more classic, with a jacket of skin and some tennis with a coordinated a coordinated, more sporty and with a vest and a stylish stilletos a outfit as well trendy.

We still have the possibility of changing what we wear on the bottom, since some practices boyfriends or a breast of jeans, some lightweight shorts also they souvenirs or some pants more elegant, such as for example a pantalonas.


Light, fresh and sexy, slip dresses can be coordinated in a thousand ways: from a coat-knitted, a shirt jeans or chess, a bomber jacket, a jacket of denim or leather, a menswear blazer or even a long trench coat, even with a t-shirt underneath, the options are numerous and can meet the most varied styles.


At the level of the footwear, and having regard to the record that you want to adopt, the dresses can be accompanied by a tennis court, a hot shallow, ones shoes model, Oxford, until a refined sandals or a stylish knee-high boots above the knee.


The skirts that seem to be part of those combinations that used a few decades ago can be used in many ways such as the dresses, and one of the most interesting options will be to opt for a camisolão well long and wide, a look ideal for wearing on those summer nights cooler.

For a more classical style, can also be used with a top satin, a cotton t-shirt or a shirt classic.



These parts are practically sisters of the robes we use at home. Plain or with patterns, very long or shorter, more adjusted with the belt tight, or model oversized, they are the ideal piece to create versatile looks, ranging from the classic, passing by the sports even the most bohemian.


In total look, or just using one of the pieces, the jacket or the pants, the pyjama outfit is a look bold and striking. The secret is always to add details and feminine to make these looks are elegant and feminine.