Underwear that Makes You Slimmer

After the winter revelry, in May I started again with the gym and a healthy feeding regime that allowed me to throw down the extra pounds I had accumulated. Now I’m back in my size 42 but, I admit, some roll and cocoon I have left. I hate-hate-hate. According to many then, there’s no gym that holds and those will remain there probably!

Well, from my side, I continue to persevere in accepting as my physical for what it is. Say that enough for underwear to make you look slimmer? A friend, during a recent shopping session I revealed a very top secret. She is one of those with an enviable physique (yes, eats so much and not get fat) and for that, sheath dresses and midi are two leaders who prefers and that, of course, they’re fine. Heads I avoidance like the plague to be honest. Entering into conversation because-you-yes-and-no-I came out a little trick that has literally slingshots me in the first underwear shop the mall: the linen shape. Yes, body, briefs high waist, high waist shorts and more than so on and so forth. Do not say you are unsightly and “sciura”, please! Now that I’ve tried them and I know that “my skinny friend” wearing them, I can not live without: sheath dresses and midi, to me !! Here is the shape low cost line proposed for this winter by Oysho: and it is not bad! And you, what do you think?